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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Wishcast Wednesday : What is your hearts wish ?

Greeting & Salutations ! Fellow Wishcasters and everyone who should be a Wishcaster , Welcome!!!


     It has been so long since I wishcasted with Jamie Ridler and the rest of the Wishcasting gang . How have you all been ? I have missed you all . I look forward to headin' over to everyones blog and wishing on to others as they wish for me also. Well lets get started with this blog post , shall we...

 Jamie Ridler asks , " What is your hearts wish ? "

     Well I would have to say , considering I feel like my dreams are starting to happen and I feel its taken me a very long time to get to this point in my life , I would have to say , my hearts wish would be to continue to break my fear of thinking its all impossible , because it is possible , Im doing it! I can't believe it sometimes . All it takes is the work and the desire to get yourself out there . I never thought I was a photographer . I have always loved taking pictures and filming, but I didn't think I had what it took to do photography and incorporate my mixed media art skills I've learned here online . This last friday on June 22nd of 2012 , my photo art , as I like to call it , was displayed at an art show called Chocolate and Art. I was so excited that I had been chosen to be one of the underground artists of Los Angeles . There was so much amazing , talented artists there .

All the art was beautiful , interesting and reasonable . We all were pretty much selling our work between 45 to 200 dollars . The crowd was a great group of people . Havin' a good time on a friday night after a hard days work . I felt like I was in , " The Mix ! " as its told . haha!     

The Chocolate & Art crowd.

     We had a great time , and it wasn't called Chocolate & Art for no reason , there was chocolate alright , all you can eat fruit and cookies dipped in the waterfall of Chocolate , as my hubby Dave here demonstrates , he's the guy in the cowboy hat . : )

Dave gettin some chocolate yum!

     All in all Im discovering alot about myself . That I just need to start believing in myself just a little more everyday . The positive energy that I surround myself with , whether it be my people who inspire me or my art , I have found that the key is FOCUS . Keep locked into that focus and just run with it .

     So there ya have it Wishcasters ! Thanks so much for stopping by . I really appreciate it . I have missed talkin to all of you , I've been so into my dreams lately in a way of finally saying I got to make them come true now .

                                        Until next time ,

                                                    MaryAnn K.

lady walkin toward my art !

                    P.S. As you wish for yourself I wish for you also! : )





Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hey Everyone ! Just keepin' you posted on what I've been up to!

Greetings and Salutations! Again been a while since I last posted . All I can tell ya is it has been crazy! Between all my film projects and all my craft projects I have had barely anytime to get on the computer. My emails I was behind on , now Im just coming by to just let everybody know Im still alive and kickin' LOL! I am working on the long and awaited stuff I've been wanting to put on my etsy . Its been so hard to finish them all , but there all so cute! Above is a picture of all the stuff Im workin on. The skeleton couple is for a backpack bag Im doing and then theres my Sketchbook project . I will be back to post how they are all turning out. I hope your all tryin' to make time to do your art . It is so important , trust me I know.

Thanks for listening as always , it means alot!

Muah! XOXO


Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wishcast Wednsday : Where do you wish to be Fierce?

Hello Wishcasters! I made it to do this twice in a roll , Im on a roll! How are all of you? Well everything is well on my end , just got alot of projects going on. One of them being The Sketchbook Project . Im so excited about this , because it is a limited edition , part of my sketchbook goes in the book that will be published this year. I will keep you posted on when that comes out so stay tuned for that. Now on to wishcasting with the amazing Jamie Ridler ! Today Jamie asks us, " Where do you wish to be fierce?" Well that is a good question! I wish to be fierce on everything I embark on like : being a parent,a grandparent,a wife,a sister,as an artist. Thats pretty much it in a nutshell. : )
I have missed you all wishcasters , you are all such great gals , I cherish you and Jamie! I hope to keep this going and do this every week again like I use to. Until next week :

As You Wish For Yourself , I wish for you also! XOXO!

Here is the How to video I did on My sketchbook project enjoy!

Until next time , remember to treat yourself to a little art through the hussel and bussel of life.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

Greetings & salutations ! I haven't blogged in so long . So sorry its been what feels like centuries since I've been here . My life just got crazy with my film world.
When I started the New Year with my art buddies at The Hive gallery, I felt this amazingly , overwhelming excitement of so many cool things to come ;not realizing
that the feeling I was having could easily turn the other direction in an instant ;
without me even seeing it coming for a second . It was sad because , all I want to do
is make something so grand , and bring artists and like minded people together for the cause of getting our art out there to the masses , but theres always this purple haze that comes over some people that makes them sweat you , and the next thing you know you are hated , and told you are taking advantage of them , or don't give them the respect they deserve . I got all this on the January 2nd , thank God New Years was amazing! I hung out with my friends , and we all were in agreement that this documentary that Im doing is gonna open some doors . I can honestly say they all believe in me and that feels good! They also don't for one second believe I am taking advantage of them in any kind of way , and they're all so giving as well. The person I was working with on this documentary, basically decided to get out of the partnership, told me they did all the work and that it was theres . This is of course not true , I had invited them to join me on this quest , because this person hadn't done anything in about 3yrs , I wanted to help them out . Im glad , because of all the positive feedback that came from it,this person now believes that it came all from them and only them, but I worked very hard to get the project so I stand by my argument that this baby is mine! Luckily we only did one artist so worst case , I could redo the first half and explain to the artist that I have to do her part again , I think she likes me enough that she would understand , so Im not to worried , but my point being , don't let anyone stop you from your dreams. I realized that I am feared, envied , hated , and all this comes with the territory when you create something that is pretty real . I know that in order for me to continue this quest I must put aside all my own fears and doughts and not be afraid and believe in myself , trust in my own heart , that I am on the right path . I feel bad for the one I must leave behind on this project , she is an amazing artist herself , it is ashame she feels this way , but to just give what I know I worked so hard to get for months , to prove myself to all the artists I was filming , and finally get to do a documentary on two artists I had took the time to find , that was all my work and I can't give it away.Thats what I would be doing . So I stand my ground on my dream , my art , my project . A new year with others that fear , I no longer take the burdens of others, been doing that way to long . I guess you can say thats kinda my new years resolution

The person who pulled out ... is my daughter Krystal...I have told you about her
well her darkside is back with a vengence , shes out for my blood , but whatever right... I just let that go and stay away and I as usual will be ok...

Good things are coming for this year , lets hold on tight and get ready for the wild ride
of 2012 !

As always thank you all for listening , it really does mean so much to me , I sometimes feel
very lonely in this world , but its nice to know your hear. : )

Mary Ann K

Monday, November 28, 2011

Hello everyone ! So much going on , its an exciting world!

Hello! Greeting & Salutations , I have missed blogging & talking to all my friends in this amazing artistic world , that I have grown to love very much & continue to love . As some of you may or may not know , I have decided to take the next step on this journey Im on , I got together with the family productions & am working on a beautiful piece , a portrait of an artist , that Im so fascinated by , her name is Amanda Sage . She calls herself a visionary artist , its a very interesting type of art that is becoming very known on the planet today . She has been mentored by Fuchs,Alex Gray, has so much life experience , she has been a wonderful muze to get to know through this documentary I've been doing about her. She has inspired me in a way , that I know that Im on the right path . I have enjoyed getting back to what I believed in ,but because of family & society have stepped away from . The truth is ; that I can't change me , I am who I am , and I have to stay who I am in order for me to succeed in my lifes mission to help the world , myself , my family.

I met Amanda at Nathans loft after a Hive show , I had heard about her threw Nathan who spoke very highly of her , he thought she was an awesome artist . So one day I asked her if she would be in my documentary about artists in Los Angeles . I got tired of everyone on the internet bagging on Los Angeles and how it had no art , so my mission is to show that this theory isn't true . I have met so many amazing artists here in lala land. I immediately scheduled time with her , so that I could get on this dream , what I didn't realize is that there was so much more that just her being an artist , it was a spiritual goddess warrior mission she is on , and her story just was like a dream , a dream I wanted to be a part of . I felt I had met Amanda for a reason . Not only for myself but for everyone to see through my lens. I realized after talking with her that I didn't know it but that I too, was on the same path as Amanda and the universe , ohala,god,goddess brought her to me to wake up!
Since spending time with her , my life has been more exciting lately than before . All these doors are opening and Im scared sometimes to walk through , thinking that Im not ready or questioning am I ? Yet I keep walking threw these doors & walking these trails , and finding that it was the best thing I could do for myself , for my lil' family.

If theres anything I can say to all the dreamers & aspiring artists in this world , is LIVE THE DREAM! Don't let family ,friends, the naysayers of the planet , make you think otherwise! Go for it! What do you gotta loose except not doing it ; but see thats the key! When you do the work to get you there , doors WILL OPEN! No joke ! I was told all the time from family , friends , naysayers , that I couldn't do it , that I was not a professional , yet I went with my own perception that I could , that I was talented , and now Im an art resident to a really cool art gallery , I meet so many cool artists that inspire me to do more . I have respect for my work that I didn't know I was worthy of that respect . Im humble for this respect , its so surreal to me , Im not use to this kind of attention .
Be who you truly are , don't let people make you dought YOU ! Im tryin' to get my lil' family understand that they need to be who they really want to be , because my daughter & her boyfriend had my grandbaby early in their lives ,after that they didn't know how to be or if what they wanted to be was good enough. They both are supported by boyfriends family , and they are not to keen on either one of them becoming artists or anything creative because they believe that this will not make them money . What I try to get them to understand is you got to love you first , then you can go on to be who you truly are meant to be! Its really that simple . Once you do that then what you want to do will come to you , and then go on from there. If a person can't decide what they want to be , then that soul will just settle for anything , possibly making that person a unhappy one. Don't be unhappy , don't settle , LIVE YOUR DREAMS!! DO IT!

Thanks for listening as always,

Maryann k / 4rm Zero!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wishcast Wednsday : What is your greatest wish?

Wow! Can't believe that I have blogged two days straight LOL! Its been a while Wishcasters . How are all of you ? I have missed blog hoppin with you all . Im glad to be joining all you wonderful peeps today . Today Jamie asks us, " What is our greatest wish ? Its pretty simple and straight forward . My greatest wish is to succeed in the projects Im embarking on . I have been doing a documentary on Los Angeles artists & its been exciting , but scary at the same time so sometimes I go into these panic attacks of, " What the hell are you thinking! "LOL! at least I still continue to do it . Im also teaching a free e-course called the Travellin Art journal and I think to myself again, " What are you doing! " yet at least Im still doing that , in fact editting the next episode as I write this . Threw all the dought , Im still trudgin' along , I just don't like the head trips you give yourself,cuz you think its impossible but its not, its just alot of work is all , which is good ! I know... neways so the pic above is my camera shots for next weeks shoot with one of the artists in the documentary.
I am so glad I took the time to Wishcast today with you fellow Wishcasters , you always remind me Im not alone in the feelings and head trips that we get in life, thank you for reminding me that their is a group of lovely people that come together to cheer eachother on . : )

As always thanks for listening it means alot : )

luv Maryannk

Heres my latests video of my The Hive Gallery that Im the artists filmmaker at very proud to be one of the artists residents at this amazing art gallery in Los Angeles.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Movement with Jamie Ridler : p

Hello everyone! Its been a while since I posted here . My life got busy,or should I say , I have chosen to be busy LOL! so it kind of got in the way of my bloggin'. Neways, I have decided to join Jamie Ridler on her monthly journey,and this month it is on "MOVEMENT". She's talking about , just getting out or just moving like on a treadmill or hiking ,walking etc. Just moving your body to make ya feel good . It does , I try to hike as much as possible. I just can't do the excerise thang , the thought of going to a gym doesn't sound fun to me . I love hiking! Thats how I move.Its a great way to get the oxygen going in your lungs , clearing your mind , its like walking meditation . The picture above is of my family & I in Big Bear again,and everytime we go out there , we make it a "MUST" to hike . The last time we hiked up here it was still dry , now fall is here and we have snow up in our Cali mountains,its exciting to see the seasons change and feel the crispy cold air on your face & see the beautiful snow.
So yeah! I will be hiking today , you should try it if you get a chance , even if its just a little bit , it will make ya feel good mentally and physically. I hope you will stop by Jamies blog & join us in "MOVEMENT" it will make ya feel good & all the gals who participate are awesome!

Thanks for listening , it means alot. : )

until next time,