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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hello Wishcast Wednsday ! What do you wish to nourish?

Hello everyone how are all of you ? I have missed you , I have been all over the place, been busy getting ready to put my free e-course up when one buys one of my handcrafted art journals . So I have been off on trips with the family & video taping my art journaling on the go , its been fun . Anyways! today , Jamie Ridler asks , " What do you wish to nourish ? " Well that question comes really easy to me at the moment . I don't spend much time with my nephew much these days . For those of you who don't know , I adopted my nephew about 5 1/2 years ago , we had him all through his high school years . Since he has been on his own & he had alot of hang ups about who we are , who he is , just lost like most of us as teens are . So I was excited when one day recently he said yes to going to the beach with all of us I was so happy ! Now my nephew & his girlfriend Susan are different than my daughter & her boyfriend so I was a little worried that they weren't gonna try to get along , but to my suprise both couples took a mature way of looking at things ( thank God ! LOL!)
So what I wish to nourish is embracing every moment when all the kids are together . I do miss having them all together when we were all together . There all great kids , I just would like them to grow up a little on how they think one is better than the other , and I hope they realize that we could be having more good times if they would just grow up a little .

Thanks for stopping by I do enjoy your company my friends : )
Until next time I luv ya a bunches !

Maryann K.

Check this video out about What Jamie Ridler Studios means to me

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Check out my Free e-course when you purchase one of my handmade art journals!

Hello everyone! I have joined a blog called Artsee Bloggers . It is really nice when other artists/bloggers help eachother out , and I must say Geri Centonze has always been a really talented , cool gal that I met in an e-course we took together .Since then , she has come a long way in her art , shes just amazing .You can check out Geri's art here by just clicking on her highlighted name .

I am offering a free e-course called the Travelling Art journal . I do alot of traveling around & I always take my art journal . I realized that this was something I could teach . I show you while Im out & about in my get aways how to journal , you don't need experience , nothing in my art journal is rocket science , its doodling & words and a little pasting of pics from time to time . I also show you what supplies to take with you , your kit . What to look for to art journal . Theres no reason to get stuck in your travels , in fact , it should always be fun & easy . To get the e-course all you have to do is buy my handcrafted art journals on my etsy , then I invited you to my group and you are on your way! The e-course starts on july 31st so you still have time . The group is very private being that Im making these journals so there is just so many I can pump out at a time , so its almost a private class for free!

I hope you will join me on my journeys to show you how you can do it on your journeys!

Happy Travels! Look forward to you joining my e-course ! : )


BeFreeDesigns here on my etsy ,buy a handcrafted art journal by me & get a free how-to e-course on the travellin' art journal, we'll have fun ! : )

Monday, July 11, 2011

Artist Way , My Artist date ,yesterday....

Hello everyone ! As said in my last blog I am joining Paula & other beautiful talented people , in The Artist Way Project . Anyone can join at anytime,so stop by Paula's Blog & join . So yesterday was the first day of checkin in . My Artist date was with a friend I have known for a good 16yrs now . I had lost contact with her for the last 10yrs . Through all these years I would always wonder what she was doing ,how she was doing , then one day I decided to search her on facebook & I found her! I was so excited ! Her name is Lynn , when I met her we were these young 20yr olds just tryin' to figure it out with the musician hubbies we had .We hit it off really quick the day we met . We had so much in common and I felt so comfortable talking to her ,she is the definition of earthy to me and that is what I love so much about her . She & her hubby were our roomates for about 6months and then they went off on they're journey as we all do at one point in our lives.
So! I was so excited to go see her yesterday & spend sometime on the coast in Santa Barbara where she lives today .

Dave (my hubby) & I had our grandbaby Athena with us so all three of us took a nice ride up the coast , it was beautiful . My grandbaby & Lynn hit it off pretty well , they were friends in seconds as you can see here at the beach . My camera was my artist date, because it captured what I thought finding my friend meant to me . When I look at this photo I took , its a message from my higher self telling me, that life just keeps going , we leave our mark , our footprints on this planet in hopes that we won't be forgotten , that someone is thinking of us , or that we will be remembered for our art that we leave behind as we embark on another spiritual journey .

In this photo my artist date tells me , that even thought all those years past where I lost contact with Lynn , that her & I could continue where we left off . We would all take turns going into the water with Athena & the other two who waited to take their turn , would just catch up in conversation. What I see is , " Here we still stand , more evolved than the last we saw eachother ."

Lynn is a free soul . I always have loved her stories of all the trips she has taken in all of Asia from ,the Phillipines , to Thailand ,Japan and how she would live in those countries & work to get the money up to go to her next destination , she has no fear and Im inspired by that . She is probably the most strongest woman I know , especially us middle aged woman who seek being fearless. She has also faced what alot of us women have had happen to us , breaking away from bad relationship with our spouse . She can never say she didn't try , and feels shes found her freedom again after leaving an abusive relationship . This photo that my artist date shows me , is seeing Lynn finally free again , and Im so happy she is , she so deserves that.

Watching my grandbaby & my hubby make sandcastles was amazing . To see Athena discover making sandcastles with her grandpa just touched my heart in the most warm & fuzzy way . This photo reminded me to always embrace these memories and cherish the moments with my grandbaby Athena .

In conclusion to my date , what it reminded me is life really is too short , time is our enemy , when you lose time with good friend or the ones you love , its lost time .We are all getting older everyday and all we have is our memories . I want to know that when I am an elderly woman or in my death bed , that I can look back in my scrapbooks , art journals , photos and say; as I take my last breath, I loved , I was loved ,I had wonderful friends,I had a beautiful family and I hope that what I leave behind' they will remember I loved them all .

Thanks for listening as always , it means alot !
Until next time I love ya a bunches muah! XOXO


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hello ! to all that are joining Paula in The Artist Way Project!

Hi everyone! welcome to my thoughts , my place where I just be free & release . My name is MaryAnn K. & it is a pleasure to meet you all through Paula ! I met Paula at a blog of a great lady named Jamie Ridler . Jamie has a prompt called Wishcast Wednsday where every wednsday she asks you a question and you answer it and all wishcasters join in to wish for everyone that they're wish will come true . You all should try it sometime , everyone is such great gals & one of those gals is Paula . Paula has always been so friendly & nice , I love meeting women who are so earthy & inspire me & Paula is definitely one of those people. When she invited me to do ," The Artist Way Project ", I felt so happy that someone was inviting me to join them in something they truly believe in . Paula had so much compassion for this project , that it made me immediately want to join in .
Today Paula asks that all of us introduce ourselves so here we go. I am Maryann , I live in a little town outside of Los Angeles called Agua Dulce . I am a mixed media artist who has been promoting Art journaling , it helped me in my worst days.
I had been dealing with certain family members who were addicted to drugs & it effected my family to major extremes .I have always said if it weren't for art journaling I don't know what would have happened to me . I was very afraid of myself at one point , not knowing how far I would go in my depression of all that was going on . One day , I decided to close myself in my own little box . I didn't go out much , I didn't hang out with anyone , I was truly a hermit , a turtle in my shell . I was drinking alot because I wanted to numb myself of all the emotional pain I was feeling . I was really worried of what I might do next . So one morning I woke up and I said , " Enough! ", I went on the computer , went on YouTube & found others like myself , who were artist , who can relate to what I was feeling , & thats when I found art journaling . It changed my life . Theses artists I met were so nice to me , so understanding . I started to heal , I then started to join these artist who convinced me that I should do videos too . They told me that through my life experience & all I had been through, that I should pay it forward & give back , let others know that you can heal from whatever it is that your going through & thats what I did . I have made tons of art journal video how to's & ways to embrace the good times & heal through the bad ones.I hope to inspire you all as I know you will all inspire me . I am very excited to join Paula on the journey of " The Artist Way Project "and of course get to know all of you!
So until the next time , which I have to get the book LOL! I look forward to this project that Paula has brought us all to .

Thanks for listening it means alot . : )

Maryann K.

Here is one of many videos I have done on art journaling :