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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Give Yourself time for the I, the me ,the am in your life.

     Greetings & Salutations my comrads of light , how are all of you doin ? Are we hangin in there ? Life can get crazy hectic  trust me I'm with ya on that I tell ya! I jus want to say , because I can't say it enough , you have to keep yourself in check everyday . Now some of you might say " well I don't have time for that " or " I'm too busy what do you know , you don't have a life obviously , if you have time to do your little art journaling " .Yes I have had women tell me these exact words . Some women , who think in this way think that they can't give themselves a little time , that it would be selfish to give themselves this time ,because it takes away from their family or they feel guilty if they think of the me, the I,the am.

        My Routine every morning . 

     Now let's not have a panic attack because I said I do this every morning , my routine can be different than yours . Yours could be after your work day , it could be during your lunch break , it could be before you go to bed . It's your choice , when you want to art journal , or maybe you do one page for a couple of days , however you want to do it , or when you have the time to do it that's when YOU DO IT . BUT IT HAS TO BE YOUR ChOICE ! No ones gonna make you do it except you . Only you have the power .

     It's not easy making time for the I , the Me , the Am with all the stresses of life . If you love yourself , you will make time no excuses . If you can make time for a bath or you can make time to get your hair done , you can make time to give yourself good mental health by meditating then art journaling or jus journal to set all the stress free & keep yourself stable & in check.

     I will be workin on an art journal video this week hope to have this one to yaz on Sunday .

     Remember beautiful earth beings to love yourself let go of the stress know that it's jus part of life it is what it is because that is life.
Until next time live life like it's your last & Namaste & all that jazz !

            Thanks for listening it means so much !

                MaryAnn 4rm Zero

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey all things can be amazing if ya jus let it in

     Greetings & salutations! Jus blog posting ya that life is such a trip , but! We continue to move on cuz we gotta jus keep goin . Life is always going to throw you stuff that you don't like , don't want & we stride to get some peace in our mind .
     Now I hope you remember that I speak from my own life experience , letting you know that as human beings we are always gonna feel emotion for something someone said ,did to us & the key to a happy life is to learn not to be affected by those thoughts . I feel those are the tests that our God , or Universe puts on us because life is that simple yet it's not simple for us . If we can see things in this way , in other words, if we can wake up in the morning & prepare our minds if you will , before you get out of bed ya say , I am happy! My family is happy! I'm grateful for everything in my life! I will get threw the obstacles today ! Our day we have set to be a better day .

     Life is about the choices we make in life . Who we chose to hang out with also affects how we feel . I have discovered you have to hang out with people who lift you up , people who inspire you , people who understand what your about & vice versa .
     I stepped away from this blog for a while because I'm constantly trying to find myself . I feel as a artist or as a human your trying to find yourself constantly . I notice one thing about life that never goes away & that's always keeping your self in check while your following your dreams , the pain is still there , the problems are still there . They won't go away cuz there part of your life . The key , is to learn to understand  & except that all of that white noize in your head is normal.

     This is why I art journal . This is my phsychotherapy hahahah! My therapist 

     When life gets really crazy for me , I whip out my art journal & write all the things that are bothering me or that I need direction in then I throw color on it & turn it into a positive , then that becomes my mantra , my intention for the day or the week , I meditate on that art journaled page , a way to keep me real . 

     I've really been workin on myself a lot lately & what I mean by that is just really looking within myself physically , mentally & spiritually . I started to read a lot in the Buddhist book called The Sutra. The art journal pages above are some of the mantras I want to focus on . I open these pages up when I meditate & chant on my mantras .

     All I want to do is try to help other people understand that all the problems all the pain all those feelings are normal , don't think your crazy cuz it's all crazy , but we still have to keep it together for ourselves most of all , but also for our loved ones that depend on us . If we can all learn to deal with our depression ,our sorrows , our dispear , living a happy life is always possible . 

     I hope that you will join me for some art journaling it's not rocket science , you really don't need art experience here's a simple how to video of what I do more to come & as always thanks for listening it means sooo much ! 

Link to video :

     Until next time Live life like it's your last , Namaste & all that Jazz! 

            Much love , MaryAnn 4rm zero

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hello everyone! It has been a very very long time since being back to this blog, so much to tell you, don't even know where to begin...

Greetings & Salutations ! I can't believe Im back , looking back to who I was , where I was in my life when I started this

it can get a lil' funny actually , I meet people who have a knack for journaling and try to swing them into doin a blog or art journaling and they think Im weird . I say , " Really Im doin it? Im blogging? Im art journaling? they look at me like Im the biggest weirdo . I had stepped away from this amazing practice ; well I didn't step away , I guess I stepped away from you fine people , I found myself lost without realizing I was lost. Since I left you last , which I was surprised to see I've been gone from this blog since 2012! my gosh! how crazy is that? Living in a world , where artists aren't always taken seriously , can be one big head trip I kid you not! Im sure some of you get what Im talkin' about.

     So Im getting back to the swing of things finally! In a nutshell , when I left ya last , I was going threw my daughter being a teen pregnancy , dealing with the struggles of that its more complicated so I will tell you that story some other time , then I dealt with the death of my father n law , then after finally getting back into the swing of things , my brother n law dies a tragic death . All I've been understanding is pain . My brother n law passed in March , right before my birthday . Since my family is probably more apart than ever . My husband and I are now judged more often than ever and certain family members want to claim we are unstable .Why you ask? because WE ARE ARTIST! Yep! Because I don't make any money at this , trust me I try , jus not good at it.Bottom line,being honest , my husband and I are always there for this family ,especially threw the bad times .They seem to never remember those times of course, its always after a tragedy , it becomes ," Oh! Look at you? What are you doin with your life?" Its literally like a bad dream . So I don't interact anymore with them,closing myself in yet again.

What am I doing since all the loss ...

     Well I got back on my wagon of faith,love,hope for no one else but myself.
I started to do yoga practice again . I had done it since I was young , but not in the way Im doing it now . I feel alive again , understanding that I have to love the Me,the I , the Am . I had to learn to put all the people I love and care about aside and focus on me because no one else is gonna do it ! What I realized about who I was then ( the person who left ya last ) and who I am this very moment is Im not selfish , I love hard , I love my family very much and take care of them regardless of how they see and treat my husband and I. But! One word sticks with me threw this last sentence and that is SELFISH . This word I realized I have never been? Through doing my yoga practice I realized that I have started to be selfish , thinking more for ME now ! Now at first I will be honest , I always want to be here with ya all , is I felt guilty at first . " Who me? think of the Me , the I , the Am? Why that makes me the biggest sinner of all !" Wrong! The only way you are going to keep the ship sailing is to remember to be selfish for yourself .No one else is gonna love you like your higher self does . No One!!!

I get back to who I truly am and stand tall and proud!

     Now I have stepped away to let my family figure themselves out . I know when Im needed and the last thing I want to be is a mother bird in waiting . It sucks when your a mom who is sitting around waiting to serve her family , only to have them talk behind your back of how much of a loser you are ,especially the girlfriends and boyfriends of my kids , oh my gosh! I can tell ya those stories some other time , anyways! hahaha! find myself getting sidetracked, I want to be very real as possible so that you all know your not the only ones who go threw the crappy obstacles of life . I realize that threw my Buddha side of myself , I begin to really understand my religion . I think its life experience that makes you evolve into the whole " I GOT IT !" program. Bottom line , you can't change anyone elses life , whatever your kids or other family members are doing that is they're life to lead as they see fit , we can only be there when they say they need us. So I learned that I've got that one down , and why not? To not have to jump and go out of my way for them is amazing! Hhahah! seriously! I dont mean that in a cruel way , I mean that in a accepting way. I wake up every morning , and tell myself how thankful and blessed I am that my family is healthy alive! then I go do my morning yoga sun salutations , then I meditate my intention for the day , then I art journal it and set it free and begin my day being happy. I do mantras that really help and I have my nifty mala beads to remind me of my fullfilling happiness inside .

So whats happening now?

     Well I got back on that horse . Im not one to give up , I may procrastinate , Im only human . I find that in order to get back on that train of inspiration is to stay focused make a list of goals and see what happens. I can say no one is needing me for the first time in a long time . So Im in a hurry to get stuff done before I get interupted . I now make time for the stuff Im doing . My life is crazy , between music , editting projects Im working on & loving me it gets busy everyday .Right now Im working on my bags I've been doing , then my music project with the hubby , my art journaling , and my yoga practice Oh! and loving my kitty :)
     Don't stop loving what you love to do . Life will throw ya curve balls but jus dodge those balls and keep going . You live this life , live in it , the best way to set yourself free!
     I will be remodeling this blog so when you come around to visit you may notice its changing , so don't be alarmed . If you have any questions for me please leave a message on the comments and I will get back to ya or talk about it in the next blog post k ? 

     Thank you as always for listening and namaste! :)

                             MaryAnn 4rm Zero...