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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hello Wishcasters ! What do you wish to take a break from?

Hello everyone ! How are all of you ? Its been busy crazy around here . I hope your all havin' a great week so far , being we're in the middle of it already . Todays question from Jamie Ridler's Wishcast Wednsday is , " What do you wish to take a break from ? Wow! That one is easy this week ,family drama ! Last weekend we had to deal with my brother n law coming back into all our lives , and he is mentally ill , been on drugs most his life and his mother doesn't help by giving everything he wants from money to places to live , but he always get forced out by the neighbors because he starts bangin on doors thinkin his ex-wife is next door havin' an affair .Yep! thats how bad it gets. Anyways he's on the street now but ends up on my mother n laws door step , she always wants my hubby to deal with his brother , but everytime he does , she ruins it by giving into what he wants , Oh! and did I mention she's mentally ill as well . So I would like to take a break from the crazy people family members , and thats exactly what I did , I bounced right back into my art and now my etsy is up and running ! Yay! I may not be able to change the family but I can make change in my life . Art journaling has helped in all this craziness , it has , and on that note I've decided to teach art journaling . So I have a deal right now that if you buy one of my art journals , I will invite you to join my e-course for free!
Its all about how to use your travellin' art journal , I show ya what easy simple supplies you need and simple techniques to do . You don't need to be a pro , its all fun easy learning , so I hope you will all join me .

Thanks for listening as always , check out my promo video for the travellin' art journals and free e-course and head over to my etsy shop today , I promise I make it fun in my videos , class starts on July 31st so you still have time !

Check out my deal , when you buy one of my travellin'
Art Journals ,you are invited to my e-course for free!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wishcast Wednsday : what do you wish for this summer?

Hello wishcasters! How are you today ? Well we meet again for Jamie Ridlers Wishcast Wednsday , where she askes us ,what do we wish for this summer ? Wow! that question is just so big to me , don't you think ? A summer is for 3 months and thats a long time to me! But! Today that answer is easy .

I wish for my Art journals to sell in my etsy shop ! Yes! It is the grand opening of my etsy shop as promised ! Im so excited to sell my art journals to all of you and others out there who just need to get it all out in an art journal . Like I have said before , its great therapy , a form of meditation , and just so fun! Right now I am selling these quilted , comfy, cozy art journals that you can take anywhere , they're for the traveller so its perfect for the summer . Theres only two styles up right now , but I am making more as we speak , so theres more coming . This summer art journal your summer journey ! Especially with my quilted art journals .

So My wish for this summer is to sell lots of art journals to all of you and others out there !

Until next time , I love ya all ! Muah! Thanks as always for listening and art journal and if you think you don't know how , don't worry , when you buy one of my art journal you get free how to videos where I travel with my art journal , show you what kind of kit you need to make art journaling fun and easy , its really not hard to do , and no experience necessary .So mozy over to my etsy and pick up your art journal today!

Thanks again I luv ya a bunches!
Maryann k

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello Wishcasters ! Wishcasting : What delights do you wish for?

Hello fellow wishcasters , I can't believe I got to do this 2 weeks in a row . That is a first in a very long time . How are all of you ? I wanna say that I read everyones wishcasts , well last week I took my laptop to the doctor's office thinking I was gonna be able to use their internet , and can you believe they didn't allow that , everywhere else I go they do , but at this clinic , they wouldn't let ya . I was so upset because I wanted to go to all the wishcasters and see what you all read , so Im deeply sorry I didn't get to go stop by your blog to see what you all had to say about your wishes . Im home all day today so I will definitely be at everyones blog today .

So! Today on Wishcast Wednsday by the beautiful Jamie Ridler ,she asks , " What delights do you wish for ? Wow! ok ...delights ay... well I want to say something like food LOL! and I wonder why Im a little chunky LOL! No but seriously , I would have to say...giving back and what I mean by that is I am a big fan of art journaling and I would like to spread the art journal love to the masses because to have life experience put out on a pretty book , of pretty art that a person creates is something they can look back at and remember they're journey of the good times and the bad , and remember how they did have good memories and they survived the bad ones .

So the answer to the question is, the delight I wish is to give back the art journal love by making these beautiful traveling art journals that you can take with you anywhere , whether it be to the park , the beach , or on your break at work that you can pull out and just draw a thought , or whats around you , just to brighten your day , or let out a bad day and turn it into a positive and after , realize you let it out in your art journal and it made you feel great! That would be a wonderful delight for me ! : )

I will have my etsy up next week with a video on the "Be Free Art journals" to show you how you can do it and how fun , easy , and great you can feel if you just art journal and set yourself free !

Thanks so much for stopping by , I enjoy all the Wishcasters your all just so real , and I love getting to know others , that just speak the truth and aren't afraid to be who they truly are , I feel that with you all !

Thanks for listening as always !

Muah! XOXO

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wishcast Wednsday:What do you wish to begin?

Greetings & Salutations fellow Wishcasters! I have missed doing this for about a month now , I have not done wishcasting , so miss reading all your posts , I hope to be wishcasting more often . So! today the beautiful Jamie Ridler asks us , what do you wish to begin ? Well I wish to begin thinking about myself . This whole time I have been dealing with my daughter being confussed about whether or not she wants to come back home for school or live where shes living right now which is about 45 minutes away . As parents we always want our children to know we will always be there for them , no matter what ,because we love them so much , but my daughter is so scared to stay focused and mean what she says , and my life ,goals,& dreams come to a hault everytime she says, " OK I really want to take my education seriously", then we started trying to prepare for her to move back , we have a guest appartment for her we just need to paint and get it ready but everytime we start ,she goes back to , " No ,I think Im gonna stay where Im at ." This has happened twice already . I love her dearly , but Im wasting my time and my deadline on my crafts to sell on my etsy and various craft shows have been neglected , because I stop everything because I want to help her. I have realized since the last Bi-polar incident ,that I have to stop doing that and it felt good to finally realize that I don't have time for procrastination anymore . I don't have time for confusion with others in my family . These kids have to figure it out and sometimes it means stepping away,leaving them be to do that . I on the other hand , know what I want . I want to begin being organized , and thats what I've done , I went & got these shelves and put them up & now my art studio is starting to have a focus even with it not done yet with putting stuff away , I feel the difference , I feel the new beginnings in their . Its funny that Jamie made this the question , and it so happened to be exactly what I was doing .
We as loving,hard working women have to start thinking about what we want in our lives . We need to stop being so worried about everything and everyone , because we deserve our dreams and goals too ladies! Really! We do so much for our families , this is the one thing we love to do is our art and we want to be able to share it to the masses , whether it be on etsy or at a fair,craftshow , we don't ask for much ,but this we can ask of our families .
So I wish to begin thinking of myself , my dreams and my goals :

This is a a art journal page I did sorry the lighting was bad so you can't really see what it says . It says, " Tired of worrying about everyone else time to think of ME !"
Since I've been thinking of me , my energy has been amazing,I've started to get out into my community and network , I feel really positive , I see everything coming together , now all my projects that Im working on are all laid out in front of me where now Im not lost in my projects anymore because its all organized in my art studio , this is the place to be, this is where I hope to stay.

Thanks for stopping by as always it means alot.

Until next time Muah! XOXO