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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

This is for the September challenge by Willowing Ning's Monthly Art Group

Hi Everyone ! This is a monthly art challenge that Tam has on her site called Willowing Ning
This last month Sept , challenge was " FLY" . This meaning was definitely a good one for me , to fly , is a wonderful thought to me ,because I feel that way everytime I give myself the time to meditate , so that is what this art journal painting means to me." When I close my eyes I fly ". Thanks Tam for the word for Inspiration . Tam is also so kind to be giving an art course for free called " The Heart of Art " . She felt for everyone who couldn't afford to buy her classes because of the economy being what it is lately , so she started this free course but if you can donate whatever you can would be appreciated . So go on over to the willowing link , and hey! if you can buy a DVD Tam would love that as well. : P

Thanks for stopping by ! Maryann k.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This is for the September challenge by Meredith featured artist of the month , " Rise to the Occasion! "

Here is my take on the September challenge for Bombshells artist of the month Meredith . Her challenge was to do something 3D or 2D and it could be a card ,altered book or art journal page , so I chose to do a altered book . This book I art journal in when I just have to get something off my chest in that very second that Im annoyed with someone or something LOL! I always turn to this altered book , so I thought it was about time I did the front cover and this challenge was perfect for it . The book to me sybolized that Im putting in the book what is poisoning me LOL! so I thought that should be the background and I put the skull heads on the edges cuz its eating my heart that is golden and then theres the sacred heart which is in gold as well that symbolizes its still sacred to me no matter how hard the poison tries to get in .
I hope you liked my take on Merediths challenge and go check out the Bombshell site , right now they are having a blog hop and you win something if ya hop along so head on over when ya get a chance , but don't wait to long cuz it ends today .
Thanks for coming by next month I will be the Artist of the month so stay tuned for some fun ! : P
Until the next blog , thanks Maryann k.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The " Be Free ! ", Art Bag Giveaway ! Enter to win!!!

Hey everyone! So here is the lovely ART BAG ! I was telling you about . This is my 1 year anniversary in art journaling giveaway and Good luck in winning it cuz it is really a fun bag indeed ! I so have to make myself one LOL! So this is how it goes . You have until Sunday to :

1. follow me here , and if your already a follower just post
a comment down below sayin you would like to be entered in

2. subscribe to me on YOUTUBE and message or comment to me

3. friend me on facebook and message RE: ART BAG

Depending on how many you join ,thats how many times you will be in the FISHBOWL to
possibly win the art bag .

Good luck everyone and thanks for participating in winning a fun bag I made , that really means alot to me to give to you : ) LOVE MARY ANN K.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello!Hello! My art room be coming along ladies! : P

Hello everyone! I am coming along with my new and improved art studio and I am absolutely excited that it feels like its finally becoming something LOL! I am kind of behind on some of my prompts with various groups I am with and I am so sorry , I believe, I will be putting up some stuff up today sometime . I have Bombshell Stamps September prompt, I will be doing by the Bombshell of the month Meredith , so I will be back to show ya what I come up with on her challenge . Im also doing Tams monthly challenge on " Flying" so I will show you whats going on with that as well . Also , next weekend is the one year anniversary of me doing art journaling and my videos , so I will probably have a giveaway for that so I will let you know how that works. We're gonna have some fun ladies ! I can't wait to be done with my art room its really been a overwhelming nitemare but also an exciting event for me at the same time . Its strange because since I started on the remodeling of the room , all these new ideas keep coming into my head and it just gets me so excited ! Can't wait to share those thrilling ideas with you all !

Thanks as always for listening and joining me in some fun : )
Maryann k

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Im finally getting my art studio fixed up ! Exciting!

Hey everyone ! So since next month is gonna be a busy month with me I thought now is the time to get my art studio in order as a celebration to new things going on.
I finally got into my art studio that use to be my daughters room and as you can see in this picture theres her old posters and stuff on the wall .I got all that stuff off the wall and am painting it , at first , it was a little sad because my littles girls room is no longer her room but after I got over that LOL! I was so excited once the paint went on the wall . As you can see I have to organize all my art supplies but once its all in order its gonna be ready to do some art and my videos that I love to share with you all . I got my stamps from Bomshell stamps so Im excited to get ready to show ya a video of how to's for ideas for Halloween , so stay tuned ! Until next time thanks for listening as always ! : ) Maryann k

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Im taking the next step in my ART...SCARY!!!

Hey everyone ! I know I haven't posted in a while , but I do have some really cool stuff goin' on . Lets see... where to start...well for one , I have finally decided to take the next step in my art , I had to overcome my fear of doing it , and getting over the fact that I felt I wasn't good enough and how could I possibly call myself an
"Artist". Then I decided to really get in touch with my higher self and meditate , so I started doing that a couple of weeks ago . I have always meditated , I am half Mexican and half Thai ( Thailand ) so my parents raised me both with their religions because they wanted me to choose what faith I wanted; so my mother was Catholic and my father was Buddhist , I loved both religions but Buddhism always took me more than Catholisim . So I have been meditating since I was very young . Anyway ,I have been meditating and I realized all the coincidences and signs that were showing me what the answer to my question was . OOPs! I didn't tell you what the question was , " Am I good enough to do my art ? " I had gone to Venice Beach and a artist had told me that I reminded him of Frida Khalo , that my energy was beautiful and that I should not be afraid to be who I am suppose to be , now this was an artist I had just met , who was selling his art on the walk . I thought , " Oh My Gosh ! " , this person didn't know me from Adam , and he's answering a question I had been meditating on for about a week at that point . So the next day , I started to paint the pic you see here , and realized what was I waiting for ? Why did I fear my art ? What was I thinking ? I will be making some painting and putting them up on my etsy , so I will keep you posted when they go up .
My second exciting project I will be doing is , Im going to be the guest designer next month for Bomshell stamps , Im excited about it because I have been a big fan of these stamps and its an absolute honor to be a guest designer and especially that I will have the Halloween month which makes it more fun! I will keep ya posted on that as well .
I just want to say , that if you ever feel like you fear yourself to the point where you start to get anxiety , stop!breathe! and put yourself in a quiet place, quiet your mind and ask that question that bothering you , then go out do your thing and watch for the answers they could be some words your child says , or someone's conversation in the market , and you will just go wow! this person that was by me in an opportune moment just answered my question feel it , be happy , and DO IT!!!
Because the intention is there you will be surprised how impowered you feel .
Thanks for listening as always loves ! Maryann k.