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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sooo much goin' on , but Im lovin' it ! : P

Greetings & Salutations my friends ! How are all of you ? Well I am very overwhelmed with exciting things heading my way and I can't wait to show you the journey ! First off I am going to my yearly Coachella Music Festival , so I can't wait to show you that lovely journey and my remodeling of my home is back on so its suppositely gonna be done in 3 months so thats exciting so cross your fingers all goes well with that ! In the crafty department , I am making clothes for the music festival Im going to so I will also show you how those garments turn out & Im free motion quilting my travels to Europe about 5yrs ago . So all these things I got cooking plus found my focus on what I will be selling on my etsy that I have been yapping about but haven't put up because I was loosing focus on what to make and what to sell . I wanted to make sure it was a , " Me Thing " and that I wasn't trying to be someone else . I know that Im not Suzi Blu , or Tam /Willowing , Im not just a mixed media artist , and my medium is sewing /designing so I wanted to make sure that whatever I was going to make that it was truly me , not just another teacher in mixed media cuz lord knows there are plenty of mixed media teachers to choose from . I have always made clothes , and anything cloth and I just wanted to stick to my roots a little . So! I have finally found my place ! Very excited about finding myself through it all .
I still love my other crafts as well . Besides the mixed media arts , I still do my music with the hubby & we're finishing our music studio & after that we will be doing our next album , but whats more sweet about that is , its not just digital , its old school tape baby! Yes thats right ! ANALOG TAPE!! Like the good ol' days. Its gonna be sweet sounding tape squished through digital , its gonna be really warm sounding , can't wait ! My films that I do . I love still doing them . Every year I do a film on Coachella . I did a 3 part series last year . This year Im going to make it a little more documentary like . Im hoping I will be able to submit it into a couple of film festivals , which Im really excited about .
All in all life is one crazy journey , and Im determined to enjoy it! This last weekend was my birthday . I turned 42 . When this happened my daughter asked me "How do you feel being 42 mom ? I thought about it & said , " Not bad actually ! I don't feel mid-life crisis-ie , like alot of women I see around my neighborhood here in the desert LOL!" , we had a good laugh then my daughter & her dad ( my hubby) said lets take you on a good hike , like we use to do back in the day . I said sure I miss those hikes! Boy! Was I in for it ! I went on that hike that took 2 hours and I am recovering from the aches from it . My legs feel like their gonna fall off LOL! It was fun and I told them , Im glad I did it , & that I still got it at 42 !
So...thats whats been going on my bloggin' friends , I do have a art journal video in waiting that I need to edit and all that jazz , hopefully I can have that out before Coachella . Please ! make the best of life no matter what . Your not gonna get rid of your problems or troubles over nite , so grab a hold of them and remember to remind yourself that everything is going to be ok , somehow , someway . I do alot of worrying about family,friends,my stuff and you just have to ride it out . Thats all I can tell ya , because when I put all of that aside , life in the center , is really sweet!
I love my hubby , my daughter , my grandbaby very much , their love keeps me going , they made this birthday a really good one I tell ya. : P

Thanks for listening & stopping by it truly means so much to me ! : p


Maryann K.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wishcast Wednsday : What do you wish for the world...

Hello ! Greetings & Salutations friends ! Again not been hangin' with my wishcast sistas , so sorry , I have missed you much , I really have . This mornin' I woke up and said to myself , " Its wednsday ! make sure you stop by Jamie Ridler's Wishcast Wednsday ! " , and here I am ! How have you all been ? Anyways today Jamie tandlizes our minds with the question , what do you wish for the world ? Well , Peace and Serenity NOW!!! The planet feels us destroying her and all for greed , we humans chop up the rainforest to use the land , for more shopping malls and track homes , when these investors are told what they are doing , they don't care its money they want , not saving the planet . How about whats going on with Africa with building a freeway to get to a metal that a company needs for cellphones , they don't even care what this will do to all the animals in the safari; that I wish to see someday, but yet that might not happen, because it will kill off the animals and they will become extinct. Lets not forget the natural disasters like hurricanes , tornatoes , and just recently the earthquakes in New Zealand and Japan . Or leaks such as the oil spills in the gulf of mexico , the possible nuclear meltdown. This all effects our precious mother earth , that we owe our exsistence to .
So to answer the question I did an art journal page on it . What I wish for is Serenity for the earth and her people ( US! )
Sorry if I got all righteous , but all this stuff just makes me feel so hopeless at times , because those of us who try by recycling , conserving water , it really isn't enough when you have corporations destroying the world with tons of money behind them , and how do we stop them , when all they have to do is buy people to walk away .
Until next time Wishcasters I love you as always and thanks for listening and stopping by!

Luv & Muah!