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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Monday, June 14, 2010

It truly is a beautiful world , no matter how CRAZy it gets!

The last two weeks were really difficult , I know I have spoken about it here on the last couple of blogs , but now Im back in the desert and all is good . Life away from the problems of family , is amazing , its like being in heaven . I mean...look at this photo . This is what I wake up to every morning when Im away from the city where , " the family " live . Don't get me wrong , I love the city , but the minute I step into it , I can barely enjoy it , without , " the family " , summonsing us or Dave I should say to save someone . We have , sometimes , have not let them know that were in town , and it becomes an amazing day in the city .
I am working on a video right now , Im hoping to have it up at the end of the day , about how people can make ya feel like your crazy or I should say how we are all going crazy . Lets face it... the economy , people loosing their jobs , its taking its toll on all of us . Not to mention , how about us artist tryin' to be artist and everyone telling us its over or your too old to think you can do art and it go anywhere , this is what I deal with quite a bit . I don't EVER let these people make me believe for a second that Im NOT , I will believe until I die . Thats just who I am .
I want to tell all of you out there , as one of my favorite bands from the day said in one of their songs , " DON'T STOP!BELIEVIN' !" ," HOLD ON TO THAT DREAM YAY!"
This is so true ! Don't give up because the masses around you tell you that you should . Keep goin' , keep doin' , just because they don't believe in you doesn't mean you should stop .

Thanks for listening , not just for me but for YOU! : P

Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy FRiday !

Today my Happy is being back here in the desert after driving for 12 hours to East Bay and back to L.A. , I realized that you can leave stuff behind you and come back to your sweet spot which is your castle , your lair . This is truly a Happy Friday , because I was able to deal with my mother n law and not let her bring me down with her cruel words , yes , i have one of those LOL! But! its weird ,one minute she's mean and the next she catches herself and starts offering me plants she's grown . Don't get me wrong she is a wonderful lady and a amazing artist . Its just when it comes to my brother n law she will defend him in his addictions and thats really hard on all of us.
My father n law is amazing he is back to painting after a stroke he had a year ago , so I was very proud of him . He's always been my favorite.

Thanks for listening ladies and have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wishcast Wednsday : What leap do you wish to take?

Today is Wishcast Wednsday with Jamie Ridler . The question was , what leap do you wish to take? Well first of all I would like to say sorry Im putting this up so late , but its still Wednsday , so here I am . Well I would like to answer this question by saying I would like to quiet my mind ,meditate on silence and leap into my dreams that have , for some reason getting put on the back burner way to often . Even if it means stayin' up late to do the projects I would like to complete to put on my Etsy , then thats just what Im gonna have to do . Im leapin into DREAMIN' and completing those dreams , not stopping and keep goin!

Thanks for listening fellow Wishcasters : P

Creative Therapy catalyst 113 : Who were your favorite relatives ?

Sorry I got this in so late in the day , my daughter came over and we spent some time together , and when that happens I have to take it when I can because I rarely see her . So todays "Creative Therapy" asks , "who were your favorite relatives ? ". Well being that my grandfathers last name is Italian descent I thought ... there had been a lady that I met in Italy about 5 years ago , that has been on my mind lately . I had went to Italy one summer with my family and we had visit the Italian Riviera called The Cinque Terra , I highly recommend going if you get a chance its an amazing place . While we were there waiting for our apartment to be ready , a sweet elderly lady comes out to her garden and she wanted to speak to one of us tourist , my daughter and I were so excited because we had been practicing our italian and wanted to talk to someone , and meet the beautiful people they were . We jump up to speak to her , and she spoke simple italian and used her hands to speak to us so we could understand what she was talking about . We had told her where we were from that we were mother and daughter on vacation in her beautiful country . We then ask her about her family , all of a sudden she breaks down in tears and tells with her hand motions that all her family ,her daughter and her family and her son and his family ,had all died in a car accident there on the highways at the Cinque Terra , we hugged her and told her we were sorry , she then tells us she was the only one of her family left , that she was all alone . She then tells us a story that her family owned 1/2 the town there in Vernazza . It was exciting to know we had met someone who owned the town for centuries through generations and that she was the last , which was sad at the same time but very honored as well.
After we had said goodbye to her that day , she told us that before we left the town that we should come by and say goodbye before we left , we said we'd love too . The last day had come and Krystal and I made sure to go by and say goodbye and that it was a pleasure to meet her . The picture in the art journal page I did is of Krystal, Andriana ,and I on our final goodbye . She had told us she had just come back from the doctors , that her health wasn't doing too well and she would start to cry . We hugged her again , like we did the first time we met , and its been 5 years since . I find myself thinking of her from time to time , wondering how she is and if she is still here or past .
Even though this lady wasn't my blood relative , she is a older lady that made me feel that in other parts of the world , there are the most beautiful people you can meet , just out of suprise ! and they are always the jems you remember .

Thank you Adriana for being a beautiful jem that I met in Italy , I hope to be as sweet as you are when I get to be the age you are . : P

Thanks for listening all! : P

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My thoughts on the day...

Today has really been an interesting one ...one that I feel like I wake up to almost everyday . I find myself thinking about the past , and yes even though , I know that I should not dwell on the what if's , and the regrets , I can't seem to continue to go back there from time to time and linger around in that pain . Whats worse , is I say to myself that I will just think about the good times and yet the good times make the pain that much more intense . When I go to this lingering or remineicing about the past , I have to cut myself off from it and remember what Buddah has said and other Gods from other religions , and that is , life is about pain , and most of the time , life is painful . Sometimes I think of that thought as , why must life be about pain ? I mean I love when Im happy , and embrace it as much as I can , that I have learned very well . Then I think to myself thats it! Its so easy to embrace the happiness , being happy is the easy part . Being in pain is the most dificult test to the soul and the heart most of all ... and then ...it all makes sense . I don't like it , but it all does seem to be understandable . So what do I do you ask? I snap myself out of it , and whipe my tears away from my cheeks and keep my mind busy , even though thats hard because Im cleaning up my craft room and it has all these pictures that are of the memories that are making me sad , but I know that is the test to my soul I must learn to face and deal so I can heal , even though this healing process is so hard on me , I just wish it would be done already ,that I would already , finally ,be healed.

Thanks for listening all... and have a great day! : )

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wishcast Wednsday : What do you wish to know?

Today is Wishcast Wednsday by Jamie Ridler and today she askes ," What do you wish to know ? ", well... thats a really good one isn't it ? I mean , I think we all can make this question complicated or simple... I would have to say ... I wish to know how to be a little selfish sometimes and soar through the clouds and just keep flyin' and not worry about whats behind me . I think that would be amazing ! : P

Thanks for listening everyone ! I enjoy Wishcast Wednsday cuz I get to talk to you fine people! Muah! xoxo