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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back at 2010 !

Boy! I have come a long way in one years time , I must say ,after all I went through in 2009 I can seriously say wow! I have accomplished so much , even though to me , it was slow , you can't really think about how long it took to get their , because as we all know , its never enough for ourselves , we always think we could have done more or better . I've learned this year that we can't keep punishing ourselves for how far we have gone or not , we just have to keep going . Above is a photo of a bag I completed for a magazine submission . This was so much freedom to finally finsish something I set my mind to do , and I wanted to give up so many times like I had in the past with so many projects that I had never completed because, I would say it wasn't good enough , their was always an excuse . When I finished this , I had finally broke through my own barriers . I couldn't believe it! I was so proud of myself , because I realized that I can do it! I did do it!
I look at this past year & think wow ! Artfully I have done alot , even if its a little bit everyone , you have to be proud of yourself ! Remember , you always make these excuses and whatever little bit that you have done , you have done alot! You have !

An art journal I made for Bombshell Stamps . I became a Bombshell design team member & I was so proud ! I had been wanting to be on this design team for a year and I am Miss October , I knew after I had accomplished this ,that it was a start to breaking my fear to try , to keep trying, that maybe it was a sign from the universe/god to keep trying , so this was the beginning of goin' for it!

What are signs you say ? Well messages you just get from God or the Universe .The coincidences that you get everyday . You can be talking to yourself in your head at the market for example,and the person in front of you answers your question , they don't know you , and you didn't talk to them but they anwered your question and you trip out for a second and go wow! that was weird. You don't only hear them but see them in everything or anything . The picture above is an example , here is some spilled milk I was filling up my grandbabys sippy cup and I spilled a litle , I said to my daughter , " Look! theres a heart shape !" , it was like God/Universe was reminding me that I am loved , no fear!

Like I said , messages come in different ways , this picture above me was another sign , and I took this one to heart . I was doughting myself on everything I was doing , and not to mention , everything was getting in my way , like dropping everything for my family or rushing here and there for my remodeling plans , and one day Dave and I decide to go on a hike , it had stopped raining where we were at and all of a sudden their it was a rainbow! I knew wow! I really have to believe in myself , thats what God/Universe wants me to do , just keep doing it no matter what!

So I keep art journaling to keep my mind in check LOL! I have done many art journal videos on Youtube if you ever want to check them out heres where to go Artful T.V. by the Maryannk
I have enjoyed my artful world and meeting all of you . Thank you for inspiring me and I am sure you will continue to inspire me this next coming year . Life is what we make of it , we live this life now , and by golly we better make it worth it for ourselves , and I can say that I am doing just that !

In conclusion to the end of the year , what I've done this year , most of all , my hubby Dave who is always been supportive of me and I of him , and I can't wait to embark on our newest project we're doing right now musically , we have come a long way together , we just had our 21 annivarsary and we say, " Wow! we have survived alot together ! ", and my daughter ,our grandbaby Athena , we have all come a long way as well , we now get along with our girl Krystal Rose and most of all which I didn't know how long it would take but it came sooner than later , my grandbaby's daddy , my daughters boyfriend , Preston . We all get along now and well what can I say I am proud of my little family I truly am!

I must say , I 've truly had an awesome year in 2010 , and 2011 will even be a better one .
Have a Wonderful New Year all and thanks Valerie Hart for suggesting we do this , it was awesome to all my Wishcasters , Fellow Fliers at Kelly Raes taking flight e-course , to all the Ning sites I am with

Thank you for your friendship and I will see you in 2011!

Happy New Year to you all and thanks as always for listening!

Luv always ,

MaryAnn K.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wishcast Wednsday:What do you wish for the New Year?

Hello Wishcasters ! I always enjoy talking to you all and sharing our wishes together , I learn that I am not the only human being that feels ,pain,sadness,struggles,love,joy ,happiness and beauty . Thank you for reminding me all these feeling are real in all our lives . So Jamie Ridler asks ," What do you wish for the new year ? " . To take the next step in my ART! What I mean by that is start getting it out there , I have started by submitting my art to magazines and lets see what happens with that , but also sell it , as well as my music with my hubby . The painting above is a painting I finished as my xmas present to myself a class I took a year ago with Suzi Blu her le Petite Dolls class . I finally finished it for my hubby's and I's 21 Annivarsary . Thats him and I LOL! We look cute huh ? I was so proud of myself to finish it , and now I just want to make more .

Thank you all for being such great people , I enjoy talking to you and getting to know all of you and your dreams and wishes , until next week have a Happiest New Year and AS YOU WISH FOR YOURSELF , I WISH FOR YOU ALSO ! : P

Thanks for listening ,
MaryAnn K.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wishcast Wednsday : What is your winter wish ?

Hello everyone ! Its Wishcast Wednsday with Jamie Ridler ,today she asks us ,
" What is your winter wish ? " I can say this one won't be so heavy on the mind because that question just puts the answer quick in my head and its that my remodeling of my home be done . Its terrible , because its raining really bad and the side of my house is covered in plastic and we just hope that it doens't get too damaged . It has been a year trying to get my plans approved by building and safety,due to the fact Im on a slope so they wanted to make sure that the earthquake safety was right . Im glad that its now finally approved which only means that my house will be earthquake safe so were happy about that , but its been torture . I respect all you ladies who have had the patience to get through and survive a remodel , I think it takes its toll on us ladies , the men just love it , its like their kind of art , but for us its rearranging all your stuff until its done . So thats my wish .
Its like those birds up above the picture . They love their home and look very comfortable just hang on the tree , I want to hang on my tree and go , " Aaaawwww,this is my home comfy and cozy ! " Hopefully when the storm finally passes things will start picking up again with finishing my home . : )
Thanks as always wishcasters I do enjoy wednsday because of you !
Thanks for listening and Merry Christmas !

muah ! xoxo Maryannk

Monday, December 20, 2010

Its funny that Im coming to understand what I always knew I needed in my life

Hello everyone ! Lately I've been wanting to journal more , and what better way than on my blog . As Im always saying , its hard to be an artist. So many obstacles in front of you , from family to daily life frustrations , to your own personal problems be it your health or even mental well being , lets face it ! its all a task . Since my kids leaving the nest to go to college , my daughter ,a mother herself , with her own little family at 19 ! I have finally come to realize that my family have to live their lives in their own way . That took me a while to accept due to the fact that both of them need guidance , but can only receive that guidance only if they want it . Neither one of them do , both my daughter and my nephew who I was a guardian to , do not want our advice or help , and you know what ? After a year of them away , I have to say , its been great LOL! Now I only want the best for both of them , but they left the nest so I should let them be , and let them be is just what I am giving them .
Since , Dave and I are on our own , we have our home to ourselves , its quiet ,and doing my art is now non-stop . So many exciting things are happening with our music , with my clothing design , its alot of work and not much sleep but , I'm doing what I love doing , and thats all that matters in the end , sleep can wait.. anyways I recently finished a altered bag so that was a major accomplishment for me , having a deadline ,sending it away and not knowing if it will get published or not ,all was a fear I have learned to overcome .
I have learned so much from a year and a half ago when I discovered all the mixed media artists on Youtube . These talented gutsy ladies sayin' go do it! No excuses ! and just cheering all of us on , really helped and continue to still do so to so many of us who think we can't . Im glad to be one of these women that has graduated into someone who has healed , recovered , and has strength to face the unknown , and by all means follow your dreams and go for it !
Thanks as always for listening and stay warm on this wintery day !

Luv ,


Friday, December 17, 2010

Im feeling good in my designs! In my style!

Hello everyone , Im so proud when I get on here to blog everyday , it means my life hasn't been boring to me . I have been really making myself feel good lately . Im losing weight , I've been hiking everyday , I brought out all my winter clothes , and realized that I have made all of them throught the years . I went wow! I can't believe I have made all of these! Today I had gone out for the day , you know,xmas shopping thang . So I went to Barnes N Nobles and just pulled a whole bunch of magazines and sat down with my coffee and got inspired !

Afterwards I headed down to a 97 cent store and bought a couple of things I would need for my mini albums Im gonna make as xmas presents . This cloudy weather can make one feel gloomy and down but we have to remember what time of year it is , its time to be excited for xmas , we can't help what's going on with family & some of our friends who aren't very happy . I learn that every year . Its so routine with my family whose gonna be the grumps and whose gonna be depressed and honestly you can try to get them out of it , but the truth is they don't want to try , not even for you , so what can you do when someone chooses to be in a funk , you have to leave them alone and hope that their gonna meet you sometime before xmas . So try to stay cheerful as much as you can , I know sometimes you get blue , I do , but I just make myself feel good by dressing up a little bit , putting on a little make up and havin' a smile on my face.

Thanks for listening friends ! : P

Luv ya ,
Maryann k.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Im very proud of myself , I completed this project to send out for submission!

I did it! I am very proud of myself . As some of you might know who have been keeping up with me , I have been working on this for a couple of months now , to submit to a magazine , I have to be honest , I was so overwhelmed , I thought my ideas weren't good enough , everything was just an experiment , I was just going with the flow , but thats what creating is about right ? You don't know what its gonna be until its done . This is my Monster Messenger Alice in Wonderland bag ! I made this out of an old pair of levi's I had , well Dave was upset , they were his pair of jeans,but he wasn't wearing them in forever , so of course when he saw me cutting them up he said , " What are you doing! " , I said , " You haven't worn these in months ! ", so I should say thanks Dave LOL! So lets see what happens . I was so excited when I was sending it on its way at the post office , I was a mess , I looked terrible , my hair a mess , no sleep from finishing the final touches as you can see I really looked bad , but it didn't really matter because I felt accomplished and to me that was all that mattered , I will let you know if it gets published . I was glad to complete a challenge such as this , it made me realize that , it is possible to make stuff , and I can't wait to open my etsy shop that I continuously speak about but is taking so long for me to put up . I think this project convinced me I have nothing to fear.

Thanks for listening as always ! : )

Maryann k.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wishcast Wednsday : How do you wish to SOAR ?

Hello everyone ! Again its been a long time since I got to participate with all of you Wishcasters ! I have missed you all . So many good things have been happening Im so excited to tell ya about! So today at Wishcast Wednsday with Jamie Ridler ,she asks , " How do you wish to SOAR ? Well its been the same wish lately, because its continuess due to all the opportunites that have been arising . I wish to SOAR through my opportunites facing the fear full on and then turning out to be FEARLESS! Thats how I wish to SOAR .
This picture above is right before I looked up and saw this . I went on a hike with my hubby Dave and I was overwhelmed talking about how I don't want to fail in making my art , designing for people and giving them a beautiful costume that I designed with all my love and passion for the art of costume design. When we left and got into the car I looked up and there it was....a rainbow in the sky! That was a beautiful sign to me that to be happy because everything was gonna be ok. I will succeed ! : P

Thanks for listening Wishcasters! I have missed all of you and have a beautiful Holiday season ! : P
Hopefully I can do this next Wednsday!

Love ,
Maryann k

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Sometimes I wonder...Am I worthy to me.....

In the last week ,after Thanksgiving,I got this overwhelming feeling,do I think Im worthy enough ? Its funny because I will have a thought that really is a question & it gets answered by someone that didn't know they were answering it in the first place , what some call a coincidence. This time the question was answered by my sweet kitty Bondeen . I was feeling unworthy and just out of place & then I started to talk to Miss. Bondeen , and she looked like this , of course I put my hat on her LOL! but her face answered my question . She thinks Im worthy , with that precious face how could I even dought myself . I guess because Im working on this bag line for the artist in mind and I just dought that anyone would like it . I started thinking , " I must be crazy to think anyone would buy this.", but then I ask myself...,"How do I know , unless I just try?" Then I start working on my art again , then I stop that to go down to the music studio and rehearse with my band. Then do it all over again the next day. I guess we just dought ourselves and unless you just break through that , the dought can stop you from succeeding , because you waste time in the funk , time just flies by and then before you know it the whole day has passed you by.
Well I just wanted to let ya all know whats been on my mind , I have so much to show you , yet I think because all of the family stuff goin' on around here , its been tough , I just can't seem to get a grasp on things lately , I know Im not the only one, but I hope to just overcome this yukiness soon , cuz well theres so much possiblities for me , for you....
Thanks for stopping by and listening : )