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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hello Wishcasters! What do I wish for fall ?

What do you wish for fall ? Wishcasting by Jamie Ridler
Hello wishcasters ! How are all of you since last wednsday ? So the beautiful
Jamie Ridler asks us , " What do you wish for fall ? Well first , that we get a real good true fall LOL! I live in California , and its always warm out here , don't get me wrong, I love Cali ! but we do get into the spirit of the seasons , and it would be nice for a REAL fall season . I also wish that things continue to be interesting in my life with my art . I am about to launch my first EVER e-course this saturday and its FREE! I wanted to help and show others that Art Journaling can be something that helps you get through the day , get out whats eating inside you , and to embrace the good days . I also just found out , that I was asked by The Hive Gallery to be one of there resident artists at the gallery . I was so excited , and in ah about it . I just recently got invited to another gallery next door to The Hive called The Temple of Visions and Im just excited to be taken seriously in my art and that its Artists Helping Artists , which I love the most about all of this. So the final answer is :

That everything continue to go the way they are going UP!

Please subscribe to my Free e-course we will have fun

Thanks for listening Wiscasters ! As you wish for yourself , I wish for you also! : )


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chapter 6 of the Artist Way project with Paula

Happiest Sunday to you all I have had a serious Artist Date today , a beautiful day to celebrate ending the Chapter 6 on Abundance . Chapter 6 of the Artist Way by Julia Cameron ,but the project by Paula at Happy Snappy.

The picture above is of what Dave and I call , " Our Girls !" My daughter & grandbaby . I don't see them all that much , but when I do , I cherish every moment I spend with them .

I realize while Im here writting about what my Artist date meaning of today was , I think to myself , there is alot of abundance in my life and I only get more of it when Im happy and learn to focus on that happiness and love every moment of it . Today my daughter needed to do a film project for a class assignment . Shes a film student at Cal-Arts here in Los Angeles. She came over for the weekend to film her project in the backyard . The subject our grandbaby Athena Rose . Athena dressed up in her favorite outfit. Too cute!

Athena was ready to be the Shirley Temple she could be ! She was a fairy and that was a part she could play very easy . So she got all dressed up & was ready for her mommy to film her. She's a real actress Athena is!

My life is full of abundance when Im reminded of the abundance looking at my grandaughter,dressed as the cute princess fairy with her pink zebra shorts & her ugg boots on walking through our desert land with the sun setting . Just looking at this is abundance looking right back at me.

My Krystal Rose , she always likes a difficult challenge in life , I guess she just likes to be challenged in life . She's a great filmmaker , she hasn't done much in a long time with her filmming , but now that she's back in school at Cal-Arts she's realizing she is full of abundance herself she's got a family who supports her very much . : )

This moment right here , completed my artist date . I knew I had alot to be thankful for . I am loved , I love , and we all love to help eachother out with our arts . Im glad as artists that all of us in my family , continue to support eachother in our arts and thats alot of remembering what is Abundance in my life .

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my story of Abundance for the Artist Way Project.

Until Next Time ,
Maryann k XOXO!

Hey everyone ! Subscribe to The Travellin' Art Journal Series!

Hello everyone! Hope your havin' a wonderful Sunday ! I want to let you all know that the time is coming near to the launching of The Travellin' Art Journal Series .
Some people have posted on my facebook group there that they didn't know what it was/is , so I will explain what we do here :
The Travellin' Art Journal is about art journaling on the go . What this means is if you are runnin' around doin' your airons( sorry probably mispelled that) taking the kids to football,soccor practice , waiting outside for them after school, its learning to take your art journal on the go with you to get time in your art journal . I will be showing you :
1.) What easy supplies to take with you so travellin' with the art journal & kit.
2.) What type of art journal to get or take with you.
3.) There will be videos of how to travel & do art journaling while you
are on the go .
4.) I will tell ya what to look for to motivate your art journaling so you
always have a idea or topic to art journal about.
5.) And other secret fun projects because the holidays are coming!
6.) And Me ! Your coach cheering you on : )

So subscribe right here , this is a email that will be sent to you everytime I put up a new video of the Travellin' A.J. showing you how I get through my day and still find time to dive into my Art Journal , sign up you will be happy you did , and what do ya got to lose , ITS FREE!!!

I look forward to seeing all that you do while your on the go , see ya on the 1st of October !

Luv always!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

my art journals I have done for prompts and myself.

Its o.k. to be me .FocusWe're in a Coma Altered book pageBrokenSome thoughts on what I was feelingOnly Human art journal page SOARUNBELIEVABLEsilence_2WHATHOPEUnknown Catalyst 100 for Creative Therapycatalyst 99 for Creative Therapylisten_dream

These are some of my art journal pages I have done.

Hey Wishcasters & If your not , you should be : )

" What do you Wish to immerse yourself in ?
Hello Wishcasters ! How are you ? I feel I was just talkin' to ya , and now its wednsday again! Can you believe that ? Before ya know it , it will be xmas , and all that stress right? LOL! neways , we are being asked by the lovely Jamie Ridler , "What do you wish to immerse yourself with ? Well... I would have to say in what Im doing at the moment . I have told you all so many times how its so difficult to stay focused on all the projects I have put before me , that I start to feel overwhelmed & all that , well ! I finally said its time to lay out , THE PLAN!!! Reet!Reet!Reet!(woman in horror screaming in the background ! )LOL!

So I thought , let me art journal THE PLAN!!! so I did and ya know what? It calm me splashing all the color , then I realized , what do I have to do to get THE PLAN going? But then I said, " What is THE PLAN?" So I thought about the projects I was doing and I put them into catagories & put each project into a flower , why a flower you ask , well first , why not? It was art in my A.J. and flowers grow and blossom and thats what I feel my projects are . So I put them all in their flower & then put lines outside of them of what tasks I needed to do to get idea blooming , an outline of what to do or what needed to get done . Ta da! all of a sudden , it was all clear , my panic gone! Now I just have to stay focused , the hardest thang about doing art . But! not to worry , my A.J. will guide me . So after I did THE PLAN outline in artful fun form , I started painting stuff . Now remember I have been just splashing paint on fabric writting on it ,drawing things randomly but I hadn't done any of the painting stuff that we have all learned from everyone on YouTube on those lovely NING sites we all pay top dollar for . And honestly , I was tired of making dollies LOL! I swear, one more learn how to make a dollie Im gonna scream! LOL! Everyone is so lovely on those NING sites, but can we please learn something new now, that doesn't cost me alot of money for something I already learned from Suzi Blu thank you very much!LOL! neways ,so I started drawing & painting again .

And this is what I would like to immerse myself with painting stuff that matters,
that speaks of who I am , what I love about the world ,what fancies my mind , my heart , my art .I still have issues with the fear & the hard work to get me there , but! Im doing it and just as long as you continue everyday toward THE PLAN be proud cuz you did something toward what you love that day , and thats all that matters . So the painting up above is actually for my bag line I've been telling you about . So two of my flowers were on this subject and the other flower was on my videos and my music .

Both of these crafts are so important to me . Since I started doing the videos more doors have opened for me. My music with my hubby Dave is very important as well because I believe what the lyrics( my hubby wrote all the songs ) is all about . My videos opened the door to helping other artists in L.A. and I feel that is so important . I am very proud to be from Los Angeles , we gettin' downed by people who don't know that there are so many talented artists here but no one knows about them because , the critics choose whos hot and whos not.

So I immerse myself with the Flowers of ART!!

So there ya have it wishcasters , if your not a wishcaster yet,please head over to the linkie beside my blog or clickie on the highlighted words and become a wishcaster today . You will love it I promise , you feel that your not alone in what your faced with in life , and its a comfy cozy place to be , it makes you feel better.

Oh ! Im gonna be remodelling here on me bloggy so , it might look weird for a couple of days , so given ya the heads up on my blog remodel so don't be alarmed , Im getting it ready for the travellin' art journal series I was telling ya about ,so stay tuned for that , I want all of you to join , its free ! : ) It will be fun , prompts , guest speakers & just a hole bunch of goodness ! : )

As always thanks for stopping by friends , it means so much , all your comments of positive goodness , makes me smile when I talk to you all! : )


Thanks luvs ya!

Maryann k.

Heres a music video of my band THE MAGIC BUZZ enjoy!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wishcast Weds! What guidance do you wish for?

Hello Wishcasters ! How are all of you ? I didn't wishcast last week , was busy with these videos I've been doing , not to mention Im working on my travellin' art journal series , which is gonna be free ! Yes thats right! Excited about it because , I know we're in hard times so its very difficult to buy these e-courses online here on the web. Im still gonna be selling my art journals & bags for the art journal , but not my videos , because nothing Im showing you is rocket science LOL! Its just a way to get out & learn how to pull out your art journal , what supplies to take , & what to look for when working in your art journal . I 've had women ask me what do you art journal about or I don't know how to draw or what to draw . All those questions I show you step by step , and you don't need to know how to draw , sometimes you don't even need to draw just slap some color & write & there you go , it is done! So stay tuned for that k? Neways sorry got side tracked .
Today is Wishcast Wednsday with Jamie Ridler . Today she asks What guidance do you wish for? A good question.... thinking about this one...I guess it would be...is the path I chose the right one ? I am an artist , but what part of the arts do I go with? My career when I was working was a costumer for Power Rangers , remember that show? Yeah here in Los Angeles I was the one in the back of the studio working on all the costumes , I made all of them with another gal , and when the stunt guys beat them up , there we were making new ones . I think I am stayin' with the career I chose , Im still sewing away , making bags for the artists , so I guess Im on the right path , I just find myself very confused . I do make videos too , and it seems that is what Im getting recognized for , but I guess Im doing too many things at the same time and feel Im not focused in one direction . Im also tired of thinking that I should stick to one thing as well , I do get bored , in one craft , then end up doing another craft . Its like a distraction from one art form , to do another art form . Is that wrong? I don't know....Im just runnin' with it gals! Its all I can do from keep me from goin' insane.LOL! Seriously,its a mind boggler I tell ya !
Well that sums that up on this beautiful day ! : )

Thanks , as always for listening , it always means the world to me : )

Maryann K

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Morning Pages with Jamie & Paula with the Artist Way Project

Hello Bloggers! How are you this morning ! I know Im yelling but Im jus waking up
to this beautiful day , havin' my cup o' joe , its nice outside its not hot for once , being that I live in Cali , so.cal at that , so it gets pretty hot out here . Neways I finally ordered my Artist Way book from Amazon yesterday . I was so happy I finally took the time to order it .Even though Paula and everyone over had her blog for the Artist Way Project have been very understanding , I feel so much better that now I can keep up with the chapters & know what questions to answer. Jamie Ridler has started The Morning Pages group over at her site , and if you've been following my blog , you know that I have been a big fan of Jamie Ridler Studios & taking her e-courses have really woke me up to what I'v been denying , fearing , what Im good at , and what is truly tangible in creating my art . I've learned so much , not to mention , all the gals over there are so nice . Im not kidding once you go over there and start meeting the gals ; for example , at Wishcast Wednsday , thats how I've met Paula who's doing the Artists Way Project , their all just such nice women , who are supportive & you feel what there going threw as well and we all just boost eachothers spirits , which I think is so important , especially for those of us who don't get out much or maybe the women we know in our lives just don't get us because we are artists or inspire to be , they just can't relate . These gals are so there , I can't wait for tomorrow when I can say hello to all the Wishcasters. So if you get a chance mozy on over to Wishcast Wednsday , I promise you will feel amazing afterwards. Now lets start on these morning pages shall we..

So I wake up go to my sofa in the livingroom & who is always beside me , my precious kitty Bon Deen , she has so many nicknames and she knows them all LOL! My daughter always tells me your gonna confuse your cat , but my Bon Deen is just the cutest isn't she? So I wake up feeling loved by my little creature friend . So yesterday , I was full of anxiety to get stuff done . It was one of those days where I felt like , I wasn't doing enough . I started panicing about everything , I was jumpy . It was really a terrible feeling . My hubby Dave calmed me down , told me that I shouldn't feel that way because I had been doing so much . After hearing him tell me all the stuff I had been doing , I came back down , but I hate goin' there . I really do , its so not healthy . I've been working with this art gallery , doing films of their art shows , meeting amazing artists & I enjoy it , the artists fascinate me , inspire me , but I always go into " But I can do more!" or " Theres more than this!" , it's like its never enough , like Im not doing enough. I love what I stand for . I believe Im true to what I feel defines me . I always stand tall and say , " Yeah , I am an artist of all things , I believe all artists should be seen and heard , the artists that no one knows about ." Im tired of society sayin' who can be known or not based on what they think is worthy art , I believe all artists are worthy . Thats why I make these films . So everyone can see what I see . Im really excited about this next video of the art gallery . My focus was not only on the art , but the getting to know the artists that made the art . I found their thoughts so inspiring and they fascinated me . I feel Im running with it all . What I mean by that is , Im just going with the flow , one minute Im watching art , getting to know the artists that created it , and the next minute becoming an artists threw being inspired by them , and making my own art , art journaling every chance I get . Just loving the creative !
I know all of us face our own obstacles , fears and it can be really difficult at times , to where you get that anxiety I felt yesterday . You have to bring yourself back down , calm your mind , meditate , bring it all back to prospective ,and realize it will be ok , some how , some way . It has to be ! I mean Hope is all we've got when you go there , we have to remind ourselves that NO! Im not gonna stop ! Im gonna fight for what it is I want out of this life and continue to go get it!
Thanks for listening , it always means alot : )

Until next time Chao! Muah! XOXO


Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning pages with Jamie Ridler & sundays date for Paula's artists way project

Hello all ! I have been one busy bee and I always want to try to blog/vlog as much as I can , to let you know , it can be done ! I am making my dreams come true , lots is happening and its even stuff that hasn't happened yet , that is happening. Neways so Saturday I went to my art show , that I was invited to by the gallery , I had told you on my last wishcast weds that , they liked my video and ask me to do the next show . I liked the fact that each show is very different than the last . I focused my energy on the artists this time around . All of the artists were very nice and it was nice to get to know them through their art. So I can't wait to show you that video. Im also working on this video on my Peru trip for a contest , its due tomorrow but Im not really worried about it . Its a 3 minute montage so thats easy peasy for me LOL! Yesterday I I slept in and Dave asked me if I wanted to take a walk outside to get some fresh air because I had been couped up editting all the rest of the day . I said sure , I walked into this scene above here . It was an amazing day with the thunder storms going on . We used to get these all the time every summer , and we hadn't got them in a while , so it was nice to get a little rain in a summer day .

So I decided to head on out for my walk to the retreat on the other side of my property , I want you to meet my friend that I always talk to when I go on this walk to the other place , I call him " Buffalo Boy" , he's my neighbor's Buffalo , he gets lonely sometimes so I always stop by and chat with him for a bit , everytime I say goodbye he moo's at me , isn't that sweet ? I can say for my sunday date , it would have to be hangin' with " Buffalo Boy" !

What I always remind myself , when I walk down this trail , everytime , is my life is different . Things are changing , my life is happening the way I want it to , even though everything has been , as an artists that I met on saturday said , " RANDOM ".
He is so right ! If the Universe could give me the message anymore direct from this artist is that message . You just kind of have to go with the flow sometimes . Thinking about how , what , when , where , sometimes doesn't get the goal or dream going .
We need to overcome our fears and stop making excuses for why we can't do it . Just do it! So walking down this path after a nite of fun and hanging out with inspiring artists, was a different feeling in this path ,a feeling that I was going somewhere....

The Sunflowers also remind me of change , how they're here for a short time and then they fade away , until next season , but when they're here for the little time they are , they bloom with happiness , its like they're telling me , " Hey Im so happy Im here , I want you to be happy with me ! " Doesn't it look like thats what this sunflower is sayin....

Then God/Universe reminds me that I am loved . I have been with Dave for 22yrs now . We have had one crazy, fun , scary life together . I know he's my soulmate Dave . He's more than just a husband , he is my bestfriend , I know I've known him in past lives , because when I met him for the first time , it felt like I knew him . We understand the meaning of living your dreams . That was like the first thing we said before we went into this relationship , was do we understand we are dreamers and to respect eachother for those dreams we chose to live . We both said Yes! To this day we support eachother to the fullest . It doesn't matter that everyone else doesn't believe in us , it only matters that we believe in eachother and I think that is what has kept us persuing our dreams , our goals . After taking our walk we end up at the retreat and the roses are blooming , so Dave cut me a flower and said this is for you . Awww ! How sweet this guy of mine is....

I took my flower & smelled its fragrance that it was born to be , this beautiful odor of what it means , love , beauty, and it gives you great feelings! I felt that when I touched this yellow rose .

Here I am ! More confident than I've been in a long time ! I feel empowered . I have respect from artists . Respect for my work and what I feel I stand for . Im not about popularity or fame , even though I am an artist of all things like I always say , I am a dam good musician , I sing like a bird because of the amazing producer who guides me to learn to keep my pitch & he composes great songs that I stand by and stand for . I am a fashion designer , I never forget what lured me to art in the first place . I did go to fashion design school , which I had studied several years in art as one of the requirement in fashion design , but it was always a requirement I loved taking. I've come to realize that I want to give back not only with my art ,but to show that their are other talented artists out there that are amazing and to know that these artist are people too. They dare to get out there , meet other like minded people who believe in the arts , I found that we all want to pitch in our part , because we want to help one another out . My videos are getting recognized by Los Angeles because I choose to give back by showing people an art gallery in Los Angeles and these people in this art gallery are artists coming together to create a show where they can show their art together and get to know the people who come to see their art. To be able to give back to them , by showing the world what an art gallery can do , and how everyone in this place are fun , exciting people , I have enjoyed having a conversation with all of them .
And that my friends is my mission !


So that is my mission that I have discovered in my morning pages and with my artists date for Artist way project .

Thanks for listening as always , it means alot! : )

Maryannk/ Maryann 4rm Zero!