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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hey Wishcasters & If your not , you should be : )

" What do you Wish to immerse yourself in ?
Hello Wishcasters ! How are you ? I feel I was just talkin' to ya , and now its wednsday again! Can you believe that ? Before ya know it , it will be xmas , and all that stress right? LOL! neways , we are being asked by the lovely Jamie Ridler , "What do you wish to immerse yourself with ? Well... I would have to say in what Im doing at the moment . I have told you all so many times how its so difficult to stay focused on all the projects I have put before me , that I start to feel overwhelmed & all that , well ! I finally said its time to lay out , THE PLAN!!! Reet!Reet!Reet!(woman in horror screaming in the background ! )LOL!

So I thought , let me art journal THE PLAN!!! so I did and ya know what? It calm me splashing all the color , then I realized , what do I have to do to get THE PLAN going? But then I said, " What is THE PLAN?" So I thought about the projects I was doing and I put them into catagories & put each project into a flower , why a flower you ask , well first , why not? It was art in my A.J. and flowers grow and blossom and thats what I feel my projects are . So I put them all in their flower & then put lines outside of them of what tasks I needed to do to get idea blooming , an outline of what to do or what needed to get done . Ta da! all of a sudden , it was all clear , my panic gone! Now I just have to stay focused , the hardest thang about doing art . But! not to worry , my A.J. will guide me . So after I did THE PLAN outline in artful fun form , I started painting stuff . Now remember I have been just splashing paint on fabric writting on it ,drawing things randomly but I hadn't done any of the painting stuff that we have all learned from everyone on YouTube on those lovely NING sites we all pay top dollar for . And honestly , I was tired of making dollies LOL! I swear, one more learn how to make a dollie Im gonna scream! LOL! Everyone is so lovely on those NING sites, but can we please learn something new now, that doesn't cost me alot of money for something I already learned from Suzi Blu thank you very much!LOL! neways ,so I started drawing & painting again .

And this is what I would like to immerse myself with painting stuff that matters,
that speaks of who I am , what I love about the world ,what fancies my mind , my heart , my art .I still have issues with the fear & the hard work to get me there , but! Im doing it and just as long as you continue everyday toward THE PLAN be proud cuz you did something toward what you love that day , and thats all that matters . So the painting up above is actually for my bag line I've been telling you about . So two of my flowers were on this subject and the other flower was on my videos and my music .

Both of these crafts are so important to me . Since I started doing the videos more doors have opened for me. My music with my hubby Dave is very important as well because I believe what the lyrics( my hubby wrote all the songs ) is all about . My videos opened the door to helping other artists in L.A. and I feel that is so important . I am very proud to be from Los Angeles , we gettin' downed by people who don't know that there are so many talented artists here but no one knows about them because , the critics choose whos hot and whos not.

So I immerse myself with the Flowers of ART!!

So there ya have it wishcasters , if your not a wishcaster yet,please head over to the linkie beside my blog or clickie on the highlighted words and become a wishcaster today . You will love it I promise , you feel that your not alone in what your faced with in life , and its a comfy cozy place to be , it makes you feel better.

Oh ! Im gonna be remodelling here on me bloggy so , it might look weird for a couple of days , so given ya the heads up on my blog remodel so don't be alarmed , Im getting it ready for the travellin' art journal series I was telling ya about ,so stay tuned for that , I want all of you to join , its free ! : ) It will be fun , prompts , guest speakers & just a hole bunch of goodness ! : )

As always thanks for stopping by friends , it means so much , all your comments of positive goodness , makes me smile when I talk to you all! : )


Thanks luvs ya!

Maryann k.

Heres a music video of my band THE MAGIC BUZZ enjoy!


  1. Oh, My Goodness! I have been immersed today with such vibrant energy! it gives me my focus ti stick to MY plan!! Although I haven't really written one down ...yet!! But after reading your post, I certainly will!! As you wish for yourself, I so lovingly wish for you as well!

  2. I'm loving "The Plan." Great way to organize your artistic ideas, using art journaling!

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

  3. What Maryann wishes for herself I joyfully wish for her also! I love the art journaling I've never considered myself artsy but it's worth a try to release my creativity and the video is awesome! Glad I found your blog via wishcasting!

  4. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you also. xx

  5. Immersing yourself in painting and art and what matters to you--beautiful wish!

    As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well.

  6. Thanks wishcasters your always so amazing ladies!
    : )

  7. What an exciting wish! You can feel the enthusiasm in your words!! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you!

  8. As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well! Your art journals are so colorful and whimsical :) Nice job!

  9. Happy, bubbly wish. As Maryann wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.
    About The artist´s way, we are working with the book, not the workbook. It has tasks at the end of each chapter. Any questions, feel free to drop me a line either at my blog or my Facebook page.

  10. What a beautiful song - the music, the voices, the message - so beautiful. I really enjoyed this! The message totally echoes your work with opening doors for other artists.

  11. And as you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also!