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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Morning pages with Jamie Ridler & sundays date for Paula's artists way project

Hello all ! I have been one busy bee and I always want to try to blog/vlog as much as I can , to let you know , it can be done ! I am making my dreams come true , lots is happening and its even stuff that hasn't happened yet , that is happening. Neways so Saturday I went to my art show , that I was invited to by the gallery , I had told you on my last wishcast weds that , they liked my video and ask me to do the next show . I liked the fact that each show is very different than the last . I focused my energy on the artists this time around . All of the artists were very nice and it was nice to get to know them through their art. So I can't wait to show you that video. Im also working on this video on my Peru trip for a contest , its due tomorrow but Im not really worried about it . Its a 3 minute montage so thats easy peasy for me LOL! Yesterday I I slept in and Dave asked me if I wanted to take a walk outside to get some fresh air because I had been couped up editting all the rest of the day . I said sure , I walked into this scene above here . It was an amazing day with the thunder storms going on . We used to get these all the time every summer , and we hadn't got them in a while , so it was nice to get a little rain in a summer day .

So I decided to head on out for my walk to the retreat on the other side of my property , I want you to meet my friend that I always talk to when I go on this walk to the other place , I call him " Buffalo Boy" , he's my neighbor's Buffalo , he gets lonely sometimes so I always stop by and chat with him for a bit , everytime I say goodbye he moo's at me , isn't that sweet ? I can say for my sunday date , it would have to be hangin' with " Buffalo Boy" !

What I always remind myself , when I walk down this trail , everytime , is my life is different . Things are changing , my life is happening the way I want it to , even though everything has been , as an artists that I met on saturday said , " RANDOM ".
He is so right ! If the Universe could give me the message anymore direct from this artist is that message . You just kind of have to go with the flow sometimes . Thinking about how , what , when , where , sometimes doesn't get the goal or dream going .
We need to overcome our fears and stop making excuses for why we can't do it . Just do it! So walking down this path after a nite of fun and hanging out with inspiring artists, was a different feeling in this path ,a feeling that I was going somewhere....

The Sunflowers also remind me of change , how they're here for a short time and then they fade away , until next season , but when they're here for the little time they are , they bloom with happiness , its like they're telling me , " Hey Im so happy Im here , I want you to be happy with me ! " Doesn't it look like thats what this sunflower is sayin....

Then God/Universe reminds me that I am loved . I have been with Dave for 22yrs now . We have had one crazy, fun , scary life together . I know he's my soulmate Dave . He's more than just a husband , he is my bestfriend , I know I've known him in past lives , because when I met him for the first time , it felt like I knew him . We understand the meaning of living your dreams . That was like the first thing we said before we went into this relationship , was do we understand we are dreamers and to respect eachother for those dreams we chose to live . We both said Yes! To this day we support eachother to the fullest . It doesn't matter that everyone else doesn't believe in us , it only matters that we believe in eachother and I think that is what has kept us persuing our dreams , our goals . After taking our walk we end up at the retreat and the roses are blooming , so Dave cut me a flower and said this is for you . Awww ! How sweet this guy of mine is....

I took my flower & smelled its fragrance that it was born to be , this beautiful odor of what it means , love , beauty, and it gives you great feelings! I felt that when I touched this yellow rose .

Here I am ! More confident than I've been in a long time ! I feel empowered . I have respect from artists . Respect for my work and what I feel I stand for . Im not about popularity or fame , even though I am an artist of all things like I always say , I am a dam good musician , I sing like a bird because of the amazing producer who guides me to learn to keep my pitch & he composes great songs that I stand by and stand for . I am a fashion designer , I never forget what lured me to art in the first place . I did go to fashion design school , which I had studied several years in art as one of the requirement in fashion design , but it was always a requirement I loved taking. I've come to realize that I want to give back not only with my art ,but to show that their are other talented artists out there that are amazing and to know that these artist are people too. They dare to get out there , meet other like minded people who believe in the arts , I found that we all want to pitch in our part , because we want to help one another out . My videos are getting recognized by Los Angeles because I choose to give back by showing people an art gallery in Los Angeles and these people in this art gallery are artists coming together to create a show where they can show their art together and get to know the people who come to see their art. To be able to give back to them , by showing the world what an art gallery can do , and how everyone in this place are fun , exciting people , I have enjoyed having a conversation with all of them .
And that my friends is my mission !


So that is my mission that I have discovered in my morning pages and with my artists date for Artist way project .

Thanks for listening as always , it means alot! : )

Maryannk/ Maryann 4rm Zero!


  1. Such a beautiful and inspiring post. Love your photos! The love in your husband's eyes is crystal clear as he hands you that gorgeous flower. And I am feeling uplifting by your words, here. I, too, am finding this Artist's Way journey with Paula and the girls to be massive good therapy and it's gotten so much of the stuck within me shaken loose, and I am finding that, for the first time in a long time, I'm awakening inside again. I am really enjoying hearing about the ways that goodness is happening in the lives of my fellow journeyers. Like Julia Cameron talks about, we Artists are meant to band together and lift each other up. After all, who better understands us than each other? Many blessings!