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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good Morning Pages with Jamie & Paula with the Artist Way Project

Hello Bloggers! How are you this morning ! I know Im yelling but Im jus waking up
to this beautiful day , havin' my cup o' joe , its nice outside its not hot for once , being that I live in Cali , so.cal at that , so it gets pretty hot out here . Neways I finally ordered my Artist Way book from Amazon yesterday . I was so happy I finally took the time to order it .Even though Paula and everyone over had her blog for the Artist Way Project have been very understanding , I feel so much better that now I can keep up with the chapters & know what questions to answer. Jamie Ridler has started The Morning Pages group over at her site , and if you've been following my blog , you know that I have been a big fan of Jamie Ridler Studios & taking her e-courses have really woke me up to what I'v been denying , fearing , what Im good at , and what is truly tangible in creating my art . I've learned so much , not to mention , all the gals over there are so nice . Im not kidding once you go over there and start meeting the gals ; for example , at Wishcast Wednsday , thats how I've met Paula who's doing the Artists Way Project , their all just such nice women , who are supportive & you feel what there going threw as well and we all just boost eachothers spirits , which I think is so important , especially for those of us who don't get out much or maybe the women we know in our lives just don't get us because we are artists or inspire to be , they just can't relate . These gals are so there , I can't wait for tomorrow when I can say hello to all the Wishcasters. So if you get a chance mozy on over to Wishcast Wednsday , I promise you will feel amazing afterwards. Now lets start on these morning pages shall we..

So I wake up go to my sofa in the livingroom & who is always beside me , my precious kitty Bon Deen , she has so many nicknames and she knows them all LOL! My daughter always tells me your gonna confuse your cat , but my Bon Deen is just the cutest isn't she? So I wake up feeling loved by my little creature friend . So yesterday , I was full of anxiety to get stuff done . It was one of those days where I felt like , I wasn't doing enough . I started panicing about everything , I was jumpy . It was really a terrible feeling . My hubby Dave calmed me down , told me that I shouldn't feel that way because I had been doing so much . After hearing him tell me all the stuff I had been doing , I came back down , but I hate goin' there . I really do , its so not healthy . I've been working with this art gallery , doing films of their art shows , meeting amazing artists & I enjoy it , the artists fascinate me , inspire me , but I always go into " But I can do more!" or " Theres more than this!" , it's like its never enough , like Im not doing enough. I love what I stand for . I believe Im true to what I feel defines me . I always stand tall and say , " Yeah , I am an artist of all things , I believe all artists should be seen and heard , the artists that no one knows about ." Im tired of society sayin' who can be known or not based on what they think is worthy art , I believe all artists are worthy . Thats why I make these films . So everyone can see what I see . Im really excited about this next video of the art gallery . My focus was not only on the art , but the getting to know the artists that made the art . I found their thoughts so inspiring and they fascinated me . I feel Im running with it all . What I mean by that is , Im just going with the flow , one minute Im watching art , getting to know the artists that created it , and the next minute becoming an artists threw being inspired by them , and making my own art , art journaling every chance I get . Just loving the creative !
I know all of us face our own obstacles , fears and it can be really difficult at times , to where you get that anxiety I felt yesterday . You have to bring yourself back down , calm your mind , meditate , bring it all back to prospective ,and realize it will be ok , some how , some way . It has to be ! I mean Hope is all we've got when you go there , we have to remind ourselves that NO! Im not gonna stop ! Im gonna fight for what it is I want out of this life and continue to go get it!
Thanks for listening , it always means alot : )

Until next time Chao! Muah! XOXO


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