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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wishcast Weds ! What do you wish to say NO to ?

Hello Wishcasters ! Its been a while , I know . I have missed you , don't think I haven't . Neways , since taking the e-courses I won from the video luv contest , so many things are happening . Kinda overwhelming ! In a nutshell , I have taking my filming to a new level in my life . I went to an art gallery & asked if I could meet some of the artist so I could do a film/documentary , haven't decided yet which one I will do , and the gallery greeted me with open arms , the curator , asked me if I was gonna film the show they were having called , "BEE -ROTICA" I said sure I would love to do it . Well I finished the video and they loved it! The owner of the gallery told me that I was welomed as their guest for any of their shows , and that they would love for me to do more videos . Can you believe it? So this is why I haven't been here .
Well back to wishcasting , today Jamie asks ," What do you wish to say no too?" this question couldn't come at a better time for me . I would have to say I would like to say no to all the Naysayers! I am so tired of certain family and friends judging me in what I do . I am that I am ! Im just me ! I am an artist who loves to be around other artists that understand , that just doing it is sometimes enough . Yes , would we all want to become famous in are art ? I guess if that is what some fancy , but I just want my art to be seen and heard and artists they get it and most of all they know how to be , and go with the flow and most of all be happy around their art community family . I found that , the night I went to The Hive gallery . Everyone was so nice to me and the owner of the gallery invited Dave and I to his loft after the show , and I got to experience hangin with a whole bunch of cool artists and it was amazing! I had a really good time .
Don't let anyone tell you your not , because thats just a bunch of bull*#%?! You are everything you want to be , if you just let yourself be just that. I realized these people family/friends can't change me , I love who I am ! I have tried so many times to change me because I wanted to please society for my kids ,everyone ,and I always go back to me , because Im comfortable being the REAL ME . So what! I look like a hippie ! Sorry SOCIETY ! Thats just WHO I AM!! Ya better get use to it .
So there ya have it Wishcasters ! Be who you truly are, say no to all the naysayers judgement because you consider yourself an artist ! You can be anyone you want to be no matter what , remember that . I stepped out of my shell , did what Jamie Ridler said to do in these e-courses & she really got me to get out there , so Jamie thank you for getting me out of my shell , your courses are working for me . Im so glad I won those e-courses , it was a big sign from the Universe when that happened , and ever since my life has changed for me . Im more positive , Im still scared , but walk through that fear anyway , where as before I would have just given up and now doors have opened for me . People , talented people have taken me seriously for my work , and that just gives me butterflies in my stomach . I have respect from the art society in Los Angeles that I have never had in my life before and its overwhelming , it feels so strange to me . The art community in Los Angeles really know Maryann 4rm Zero !
Thanks for listening as always Wishcasters your all such great souls and I value being one of the Wishcasters !

Until next time I loves ya a bunches ! Muah! XOXO

Maryann 4rm Zero!

Check out my video that I did of THE HIVE these peeps
are such fun , real beez...


  1. As you wish for yourself I wish for you as well

  2. oh, congratulations on your work! I'm guessing that many artists have gone through the judgements of family and friends. Good on you for BEEing true to yourself and following your bliss!

    As you wish for yourself, I wish for you as well!

  3. BE Mary Ann k... raw, naked, stupendous! Yes! As you wish for yourself, so i wish for you also.

  4. Thanks Wishcasters , it really means alot! : )

  5. As you wish for yourself so I wish for you also!

  6. As yo wish for yourself I wish for you also!

  7. You be you and you be an awesome you! As you wish for yourself, I wish also for you

  8. As you wish for yourself I wish for you too! And very cool video and art, totally wild and seriously cool.

    Naysayers are the worst. I hope you are freed from them for good.

    Thank you also for your kind comment yesterday, I really needed it. Thank you for all your support and being with me all this time. Life has been bleaker than usual and your words helped light the path a little more for me.

  9. You can feel the excitement in your words - love it! Being YOU...no better wish!! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you!!

  10. Fantastic work.. and wishing.. I am grateful you are back and are such a living example of stepping into the wonder.

    As you wish for yourself... so I wish for you also!

  11. Congrats on being welcomed by the art gallery and encouraged in your work. Doesn't that feel great? As you wish for yourself, I also wish for you!

  12. Thank you all wishcasters , coming together every weds is awesome , we boost eachother up in our wishes! : )

  13. {{{Big happy hug}}} Congratulations! It is SO exciting!
    I love reading all that bubbly energy you have. Enjoy the process. :)