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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Really taking myself seriously as the Andy Warhol I can be.

Hello everyone ! I hope your all having a great weekend . Since I was here last I have won a luv contest , been doing a ton of e-courses by Jamie Ridler, I have realized alot of things about myself . One being that I haven't had confidence in myself for a very long time . I have been art journaling everyday in my travellin' art journal , really using it in a way that keeps me focused on my mission , my dreams , my goals and Im here to tell ya , its working ! I had told you last that I was taking my video making to a new place , that I was going to dare to do something different and Im one step closer to just that ! I had emailed a artist here in Los Angeles named Yuki Miyasaki , I asked her if I could use her for my new short film I was going to do on the unknown artists and music of Los Angeles . She agreed , I was so excited! She then told me to meet her at The Hive art gallery . I went to this gallery , everyone was so amazing . I was so mezmerized by everyone and everything , no one was snobby, like Im used to out in L.A., they were all excited to meet people and if they knew you, they hugged you and told you they were so glad you were there. The musicians were nice as well , I got to know then as the person first before I saw the rockstar , I loved that as well .
After the show was over , the gallery owner invites Dave & my new friend Stella to the after party at his loft upstairs , we say sure! Thats when my Andy Warhol filming came in beautifully! I had such a great time , the gallery owner Nathan is his name , said he would love to do the film of the gallery and all the artist in the gallery , I was so happy to get the go ahead . He wanted me to film the night of his show which was a erotica night , I said sure! I would love too! So I got some great footage of the night , can't wait to edit it and show you very soon .
I realize that good things happen to you , when YOU make them happen . You can't wait for someone to help you do it , even though I wanted to be a team with my daughter who is a filmmaker student at Cal-Arts , I was just tired of waiting on her to do it , and when we have done projects together she's blaming me for one thing or another . I just got tired of it . I had enough of the procrastinating , I needed to take things into my own hands for MYSELF not for anyone else , who wasn't taking me seriously . I proved that I could do it! And that makes me feel so good , its the best feeling! I wake up every morning now with some serious butterflies in my belly , its scary but exciting . Im not depending on anyone , but myself and Dave has been so supportive of what Im doing he's the producer of the short . Its only up from here.

Thanks as always for listening , next time I will have pics of the whole thing , I was so excited to meet people that I didn't get a chance to take pics , but I will be back to do the short film so I will take pics then k ?
Until next time I luv ya a bunches !

Maryann k.


  1. I´m happy to see you happy! :D
    It´s so amazing/exciting when you start asking people for collaboration and they say yes.
    Keep working! :)

  2. P.S., I just noticed you had a Bombshell badge on the right hand bar. This week I got one of their designers as a blog guest for our Artist´s Way post. :)