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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Im feeling good in my designs! In my style!

Hello everyone , Im so proud when I get on here to blog everyday , it means my life hasn't been boring to me . I have been really making myself feel good lately . Im losing weight , I've been hiking everyday , I brought out all my winter clothes , and realized that I have made all of them throught the years . I went wow! I can't believe I have made all of these! Today I had gone out for the day , you know,xmas shopping thang . So I went to Barnes N Nobles and just pulled a whole bunch of magazines and sat down with my coffee and got inspired !

Afterwards I headed down to a 97 cent store and bought a couple of things I would need for my mini albums Im gonna make as xmas presents . This cloudy weather can make one feel gloomy and down but we have to remember what time of year it is , its time to be excited for xmas , we can't help what's going on with family & some of our friends who aren't very happy . I learn that every year . Its so routine with my family whose gonna be the grumps and whose gonna be depressed and honestly you can try to get them out of it , but the truth is they don't want to try , not even for you , so what can you do when someone chooses to be in a funk , you have to leave them alone and hope that their gonna meet you sometime before xmas . So try to stay cheerful as much as you can , I know sometimes you get blue , I do , but I just make myself feel good by dressing up a little bit , putting on a little make up and havin' a smile on my face.

Thanks for listening friends ! : P

Luv ya ,
Maryann k.

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