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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My thoughts on the day...

Today has really been an interesting one ...one that I feel like I wake up to almost everyday . I find myself thinking about the past , and yes even though , I know that I should not dwell on the what if's , and the regrets , I can't seem to continue to go back there from time to time and linger around in that pain . Whats worse , is I say to myself that I will just think about the good times and yet the good times make the pain that much more intense . When I go to this lingering or remineicing about the past , I have to cut myself off from it and remember what Buddah has said and other Gods from other religions , and that is , life is about pain , and most of the time , life is painful . Sometimes I think of that thought as , why must life be about pain ? I mean I love when Im happy , and embrace it as much as I can , that I have learned very well . Then I think to myself thats it! Its so easy to embrace the happiness , being happy is the easy part . Being in pain is the most dificult test to the soul and the heart most of all ... and then ...it all makes sense . I don't like it , but it all does seem to be understandable . So what do I do you ask? I snap myself out of it , and whipe my tears away from my cheeks and keep my mind busy , even though thats hard because Im cleaning up my craft room and it has all these pictures that are of the memories that are making me sad , but I know that is the test to my soul I must learn to face and deal so I can heal , even though this healing process is so hard on me , I just wish it would be done already ,that I would already , finally ,be healed.

Thanks for listening all... and have a great day! : )

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