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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hey all things can be amazing if ya jus let it in

     Greetings & salutations! Jus blog posting ya that life is such a trip , but! We continue to move on cuz we gotta jus keep goin . Life is always going to throw you stuff that you don't like , don't want & we stride to get some peace in our mind .
     Now I hope you remember that I speak from my own life experience , letting you know that as human beings we are always gonna feel emotion for something someone said ,did to us & the key to a happy life is to learn not to be affected by those thoughts . I feel those are the tests that our God , or Universe puts on us because life is that simple yet it's not simple for us . If we can see things in this way , in other words, if we can wake up in the morning & prepare our minds if you will , before you get out of bed ya say , I am happy! My family is happy! I'm grateful for everything in my life! I will get threw the obstacles today ! Our day we have set to be a better day .

     Life is about the choices we make in life . Who we chose to hang out with also affects how we feel . I have discovered you have to hang out with people who lift you up , people who inspire you , people who understand what your about & vice versa .
     I stepped away from this blog for a while because I'm constantly trying to find myself . I feel as a artist or as a human your trying to find yourself constantly . I notice one thing about life that never goes away & that's always keeping your self in check while your following your dreams , the pain is still there , the problems are still there . They won't go away cuz there part of your life . The key , is to learn to understand  & except that all of that white noize in your head is normal.

     This is why I art journal . This is my phsychotherapy hahahah! My therapist 

     When life gets really crazy for me , I whip out my art journal & write all the things that are bothering me or that I need direction in then I throw color on it & turn it into a positive , then that becomes my mantra , my intention for the day or the week , I meditate on that art journaled page , a way to keep me real . 

     I've really been workin on myself a lot lately & what I mean by that is just really looking within myself physically , mentally & spiritually . I started to read a lot in the Buddhist book called The Sutra. The art journal pages above are some of the mantras I want to focus on . I open these pages up when I meditate & chant on my mantras .

     All I want to do is try to help other people understand that all the problems all the pain all those feelings are normal , don't think your crazy cuz it's all crazy , but we still have to keep it together for ourselves most of all , but also for our loved ones that depend on us . If we can all learn to deal with our depression ,our sorrows , our dispear , living a happy life is always possible . 

     I hope that you will join me for some art journaling it's not rocket science , you really don't need art experience here's a simple how to video of what I do more to come & as always thanks for listening it means sooo much ! 

Link to video :

     Until next time Live life like it's your last , Namaste & all that Jazz! 

            Much love , MaryAnn 4rm zero

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