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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Artist Way , My Artist date ,yesterday....

Hello everyone ! As said in my last blog I am joining Paula & other beautiful talented people , in The Artist Way Project . Anyone can join at anytime,so stop by Paula's Blog & join . So yesterday was the first day of checkin in . My Artist date was with a friend I have known for a good 16yrs now . I had lost contact with her for the last 10yrs . Through all these years I would always wonder what she was doing ,how she was doing , then one day I decided to search her on facebook & I found her! I was so excited ! Her name is Lynn , when I met her we were these young 20yr olds just tryin' to figure it out with the musician hubbies we had .We hit it off really quick the day we met . We had so much in common and I felt so comfortable talking to her ,she is the definition of earthy to me and that is what I love so much about her . She & her hubby were our roomates for about 6months and then they went off on they're journey as we all do at one point in our lives.
So! I was so excited to go see her yesterday & spend sometime on the coast in Santa Barbara where she lives today .

Dave (my hubby) & I had our grandbaby Athena with us so all three of us took a nice ride up the coast , it was beautiful . My grandbaby & Lynn hit it off pretty well , they were friends in seconds as you can see here at the beach . My camera was my artist date, because it captured what I thought finding my friend meant to me . When I look at this photo I took , its a message from my higher self telling me, that life just keeps going , we leave our mark , our footprints on this planet in hopes that we won't be forgotten , that someone is thinking of us , or that we will be remembered for our art that we leave behind as we embark on another spiritual journey .

In this photo my artist date tells me , that even thought all those years past where I lost contact with Lynn , that her & I could continue where we left off . We would all take turns going into the water with Athena & the other two who waited to take their turn , would just catch up in conversation. What I see is , " Here we still stand , more evolved than the last we saw eachother ."

Lynn is a free soul . I always have loved her stories of all the trips she has taken in all of Asia from ,the Phillipines , to Thailand ,Japan and how she would live in those countries & work to get the money up to go to her next destination , she has no fear and Im inspired by that . She is probably the most strongest woman I know , especially us middle aged woman who seek being fearless. She has also faced what alot of us women have had happen to us , breaking away from bad relationship with our spouse . She can never say she didn't try , and feels shes found her freedom again after leaving an abusive relationship . This photo that my artist date shows me , is seeing Lynn finally free again , and Im so happy she is , she so deserves that.

Watching my grandbaby & my hubby make sandcastles was amazing . To see Athena discover making sandcastles with her grandpa just touched my heart in the most warm & fuzzy way . This photo reminded me to always embrace these memories and cherish the moments with my grandbaby Athena .

In conclusion to my date , what it reminded me is life really is too short , time is our enemy , when you lose time with good friend or the ones you love , its lost time .We are all getting older everyday and all we have is our memories . I want to know that when I am an elderly woman or in my death bed , that I can look back in my scrapbooks , art journals , photos and say; as I take my last breath, I loved , I was loved ,I had wonderful friends,I had a beautiful family and I hope that what I leave behind' they will remember I loved them all .

Thanks for listening as always , it means alot !
Until next time I love ya a bunches muah! XOXO



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful artist date. Great to get inspiration from a such a special woman and such a sweet grandbaby, too!

  2. Wonderful beach pictures. The first one is awesome in its composition and meaning. The young lady is absolutely adorable!

  3. What a joy reading your post. And very inspiring too! It's awesome that you've found your way together again. A gift to be treasured. It's plain to see you're kindred spirits. All of these photos are beautiful!

    I'm so glad to meet you through this Artist's Way Group and look forward to sharing more of our experiences with it!

  4. Thank you ladies , its a pleasure to meet all of you , Im excited to be doing this Artist way project , thanks Paula! : )

  5. Hey Maryann - so happy you've linked into artsee bloggers!!!