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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My weekend getaway !

So I had to take my nephew Mikey to his school , he is off to college in East Bay which is near San Fransicsco , we were all pretty excited , I got a new camera and I didn't have the uploader so , the video & pictures will be comin' soon of the college excursion of Mikey . In the mean time I have pictures of the journey after the college excursion . So after sayin' our goodbyes to our college bound kid , we head off to Monterey Bay and end it with carmel .

I start off by taking a picture of a sunset goin' into the journey the night before.

I realized on this long ride , that life was changing very differently than it ever had in a while. For one, Mikey was no longer our responsiblity and he was going to be on his own , well... somewhat , I knew he was still gonna need our help , but he would also learn to be on his own which was very exciting and scarry at the same time. I thought this picture was symbolic , that God would be their for my kids and keep them safe .

So this was the first time Miss.Panda Woo came on a trip with us , since the boys Cootiki and Zorro have gone to the other side bless those sweet puppies , so Panda she hasn't been the same since they have been gone , so we thought it be best that she come along , she's such a good girl and she has tolerated moving from the desert where she was born , and moving to hollywood and now back to the desert after 4years , so she deserved a trip with us , and we were so excited to bring her along , I mean she's the last of our doggies and we just wanted to spend time with her . We luckily found a hotel that allowed pets so she was allowed to be in the hotel room with us and after we went to drop of Mikey to his school , we headed on out to have some fun on the coast with our Panda Woo.

Dave and Panda , we're gettin' ready to head out on our fun day.

So we were back on the road , feeling happy and sad , worried for Mikey , no matter what your still parents and even though your kids are 18 and in college you still love them and hope their gonna be ok , and we missed him already . But! when we saw this sign , we got excited to have some fun hangin' on the beach , so it helped ease our minds and just forget our worries . Off to Monterey Bay we go with Panda Woo in tow.

So we get to the beach and we were estactic! We couldn't wait to take Miss Woo out with us and go eat at this really cool place that we saw advertised on a billboard on the highway called Bubba Gumps and Dave and I had remembered that this restuarant krystal always spoke about ,it was her favorite place to go with her friends , so we were curious to why it was krystals place.

everytime I start to want to finish this something comes up where I have to go , so I will just put up what i have and just continue the story as we go mmk? I have many things I want to tell ya that I have been up to but , little time to put it all together to show you , its been crazy around here with all the remodeling and runnin' around , i really need to slow down .

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