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Hi! My name is MaryAnn , in a nutshell , Im just a city gal who left the city to live life in the desert with dreams and a family I love very much. Im just an artists , tryin' to live my dreams , go where they take me , and just see what happens.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My Saturday morning with Mumster Mash my sweet kitty

I woke up this morning in pain from the surgery I had because Im afraid Im gonna get addicted to the pain pills I have been prescribed . You just see all this stuff in the news and even the people I know have been addicts and they didn't even see it coming , all of a sudden they were addicts , and like I have said before I fear myself in that way . I don't know why... I haven't gone there , where I could have from all the stuff that was goin' on in my life , but never did cuz I knew it wouldn't be a good place for me to go ....yet.... I fear being on these meds ...strange... that I would think I would go their. Anyways , I woke up in pain and had an ibuprophen so that helped me until I had breakfast , where I took the pain pill . I feel better now , but I limit how much I take and I don't use the pain pills that much , its just a scary thought .

My kitty is so sweet , she's always by my side , comforting me , loving me . I call her so many nicknames and whats funny is she knows them all LOL! The one I call her the most , that I guess would be her name is , Mumster Mash . She just lights me up and cheers me up , especially when I don't feel good .

Through it all , I am having a good day in my mind , first and foremost , Im feeling happy , and Im gonna take this day to do more art journaling and do some video editing and hopefully have a video up on youtube by tomorrow . I enjoy voicing myself to people on youtube . Its nice to know that people are listening and that I could possibly pep someone's spirits up and let people understand that their not alone , in sometimes feeling isolated , that you can come out of it and give yourself a mantra to break free of sadness and depression . I want to give that back , because I have been their .

Anyways , thanks for coming by and listening to my thoughts , and remember to art journal and start your day with a mantra , mine is , " Nothing is gonna get in the way of my smiles and my laughing today ! "

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